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How Much Does It Cost To Transport Your Car To/from Louisiana?

Cost is the primary concern of many people looking to transport their cars to/from Louisiana. As such, there is no fixed cost estimate for transporting a car to/from Louisiana as it varies depending on your requirements. The factors that decide the car transport cost include:

  • Shipping distance
  • Transport method
  • Season
  • Pick-up date and time
  • Vehicle's size

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Carrier Availability

4 / 5

Louisiana has a carrier availability score of 4/5.

Availability Rating

Very Good

The availability rating to and from Louisiana is Very Good.

Average Pickup Time

1-3 Days

The average time from booking to pickup is 1-3 days.

Louisiana Car Shipping Routes

Select a route below for more information about shipping along that route:

Shipping to Louisiana
Shipping from Louisiana
Popular Louisiana Shipping Locations

New Orleans

Baton Rouge


Metaire Terrace



Lake Charles


Bossier City

We provide direct service to and from any location in Louisiana – above is a list of the most popular car shipping locations that we service.

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Transport Masters Advantage

Our Car Shipping Advantage

Below, you can find the benefits and advantages of car shipping with Transport Masters USA.

  • Top-Rated Auto Shipping
    Top-Rated Auto Shipping

    We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

  • Nationwide Door-to-Door Service
    Nationwide Door-to-Door Service

    We provide direct service to and from any residential or business location in the US.

  • Complete Vehicle Coverage
    Complete Vehicle Coverage

    We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

  • No Up-Front Deposit Required
    No Up-Front Deposit Required

    You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

  • Extended Office Hours
    Extended Office Hours

    We're available past normal business hours in every timezone in the country.

  • 24/7 Online Shipment Tracking
    24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

    You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

Top 10 most popular routes for car shipping to/from Louisiana

To help you choose the best services, check out our rates and timeframes

From To Deliver time Price*
Louisiana Texas 3-5 days $700 - $900
Louisiana California 7-9 days $900 - $1100
Louisiana Illinois 3-5 days $700 - $900
Louisiana New York 3-5 days $750 - $950
Louisiana Washington 7-9 days $1600- $1800
Texas Louisiana 3-5 days $550 - $700
California Louisiana 7-9 days $1100 - $1400
Illinois Louisiana 3-5 days $650 - $850
New York Louisiana 3-5 days $700 - $900
Washington Louisiana 7-9 days $1400 - $1600

The Prizes shown up above are reflective of current market conditions as of March 2021. The Prices are subjects to change due to seasonal fluctuations, price of gas, pick-up/delivery locations, etc.

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Make your move to Louisiana the easiest one yet
Top 5 Tips For Moving To Louisiana
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Let us ship your car to/from Louisiana and across the rest of the country

We can be your auto transport partner whether you want car shipping to/from Louisiana, coast to coast, or simply across state lines.

Make your selection from a range of Louisiana car shipping services

We can customize your Louisiana auto shipping services to suit your requirements.

Vehicle shipping to/from Kentucky with Transport Masters USA

Pick-ups and deliveries can be made across the state when you want to ship a car to/from Kentucky

Alexandria, LA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Alexandria Louisiana:

71301, 71302, 71303, 71409 & surrounding areas

Baton Rouge, LA

Auto Transport Services to or from Baton Rouge Louisiana:

70714, 70801, 70802, 70803, 70805, 70806, 70807, 70808, 70809, 70810, 70811, 70812, 70814, 70815, 70816, 70817, 70819, 70820 & surrounding areas

Bossier City, LA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Bossier City Louisiana:

71006, 71037, 71110, 71111, 71112 & surrounding areas

Houma, LA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Houma Louisiana:

70360, 70363, 70364 & surrounding areas

Kenner, LA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Kenner Louisiana:

70003, 70062, 70065 & surrounding areas

Lafayette, LA

Car Shipping Services to or from Lafayette Louisiana:

70501, 70503, 70506, 70507, 70508, 70518, 70583 & surrounding areas

Lake Charles, LA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Lake Charles Louisiana:

70601, 70605, 70607, 70611, 70615, 70669 & surrounding areas

Monroe, LA

Auto Shipping Services to or from Monroe Louisiana:

71201, 71202, 71203, 71209 & surrounding areas

New Orleans, LA

Car Transport Services to or from New Orleans Louisiana:

70112, 70113, 70114, 70115, 70116, 70117, 70118, 70119, 70122, 70124, 70125, 70126, 70127, 70128, 70129, 70130, 70131, 70139, 70163 & surrounding areas

Shreveport, LA

Car Hauling Services to or from Shreveport Louisiana:

71033, 71047, 71101, 71103, 71104, 71105, 71106, 71107, 71108, 71109, 71111, 71112, 71115, 71118, 71119, 71129 & surrounding areas


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

How much does it cost to ship a car to Louisiana?

The cost of shipping a car to Louisiana depends on where the vehicle will be picked up and the time frame you intend to ship. Calculate your Louisiana car shipping quote instantly via our online quote calculator to get an accurate rate and carrier availability for your shipment.

How do I ship my car to Louisiana?

Shipping a car to Louisiana is as easy as 1-2-3 when you ship with Transport Masters USA Auto Transport. Step 1 – Calculate your instant car shipping quote and select a convenient time for pickup. Step 2 – Your vehicle is picked up from your sepcified location, anywhere in the country. Step 3 – Your vehicle is delivered to your specified location in Louisiana.

How much gas should I have in my car during transport?

You should have about a quarter of a tank of gas in your car at the time of shipment. This leaves enough for the car to be loaded and unloaded but doesn’t add much additional weight.

How do I get a quote for shipping my vehicle?

To get a quote for shipping your vehicle, you can either use our instant online car shipping quote calculator above or you can call (877) 724-7750 to receive a quote from one of our car transport pricing specialists. In order for us to calculate your quote we will need to know the location you are shipping from and to, the type of vehicle you would like to ship, and the date your vehicle will be ready.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

When determining your car shipping cost, there are a few factors that we take into account in order to provide you with an accurate price quote. The mileage between the origin and destination is the biggest factor that contributes to your total rate. In addition to the distance of your relocation, another factor is the type and condition of the vehicle being shipped. The final factor is the date that your vehicle will be ready for transport. There are also additional options, such as enclosed carrier and top-load service that can be added to your shipment at the time of booking for a higher level of service.

What is Door-to-Door transport?

Door-to-door car transport is the full service delivery of your vehicle directly from the door at the pickup location to the door at the delivery location. Our drivers do their best to get as close as physically and legally possible to the pickup and delivery locations, but in certain instances there may be restrictions preventing them from being able to safely reach your door. Our transporters need ample space to maneuver and load/unload your vehicle. If your street is too narrow, or if there are hazards such as low lining trees or power lines, drivers may ask that you meet them at a location nearby where they can safely load or unload your vehicle, such as a large parking lot or shopping center nearby.

How far in advance should I schedule my transport?

The further in advance you schedule your shipment, the more likely we will be able to meet the time requirements you desire. For best results, we suggest scheduling your transport at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Expedited shipping options are available in order to accomodate shipments that require . You can always give us a call and ask one of our car shipping experts what your options are in terms of the schedule for your car transport.

View all frequently asked questions

View all frequently asked questions.

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