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Cross Country Car Shipping

Moving to another country and looking for reliable and fast cross country car movers? Transport Movers USA has got you covered. From North to South, East to West, we help you provide the most convenient way to ship your car to another country.

Door-to-Door across-country shipping

Choose the location and allow our expert drivers to ship your car to your preferred location. Avail of our trusted cross country car shipping services now.

One-stop solution for your vehicle shipping needs.

Steps to Ship a Car Cross Country

Simplify the process of shipping your car cross country with Transport Masters USA.

  • Pick transport
    Depending upon your requirements, choose between open or enclosed carriers whichever suits your needs and serves your purpose. An open carrier is best for the standard car but if you own a luxury car, an Enclosed carrier will serve your purpose.
  • Schedule pick-up and delivery
    Once you have decided on the transport, the next step is to schedule the pick-up and delivery of your car cross country. Like whether you would like door-to-door transport or terminal-to-terminal.
  • Get a quote from Transport Masters USA
    Lastly, request a price quote from us. You can use our online car shipping calculator to know how much cross country car transport services will cost you. Our price quote also includes the insurance coverage cost.

How Much Cross Country Car Shipping Will Cost?

The cost of automobile shipping cross country depends on the model of your vehicle, the shipping distance, and the method of auto transport you choose. Here’s an insight into the factors that decide the cost of car shipping.

Shipping distance
The longer the distance to be traveled, the more will be the cost, and vice-versa.

Transport type
Choosing open car transport will cost you less compared to enclosed car transport.

Car’s condition
The vehicles which can be operated will cost less compared to the ones which cannot be moved. We need to use unloading equipment to ship your car which will amount to additional expenses.

Suspected delivery time frame
Expecting a quicker and faster delivery of cars cross the country will increase the car shipping costs and vice versa.

Book Transport Masters USA Cross Country Car Movers:

Team of professionals
Transport Masters USA has a team of professional shipping advisors and qualified drivers with years of experience to ship cars cross the country with ease.

Free cancellation
Cancel your order without stressing about the cancellation being charged as we offer free cancellation before assigning a carrier.

Customized customer service
Not everyone has the same needs and requirements. Consequently, we provide customized cross country car shipping service to meet your requirements.

Perks of Cross Country Vehicle Transport

Unlock the benefits of shipping your car cross country with Transport Masters USA.

Safe option
Say no to stressful, tiring, and risky driving when you have Transport Masters USA for shipping your car cross country safely.

Saves time and energy
Save time and energy as our cross country vehicle transport services are there to make the desired arrangements and ship your car in minimal time.

Personal possessions allowed
Ship personal possessions up to 100 pounds within your car with our cross country car shipping services. Secure them securely and be at peace.

Ship your car cross country with us!

Reach out to our team of professionals to transport a car across country now with due diligence. We’ll be more than happy to assist you with our cross country shipping services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the vehicle shipping process.

Do I need to book cross country shipping services in advance?

It's always better to schedule your cross country car shipping services before one or two weeks and give us proper time to do the planning. Have a word with one of our adept shipping advisors and get your car delivered right away.

How much time my car delivery will take?

As far as the delivery time is concerned, it depends on the shipping distance, weather, road construction, and other factors. On average, it might consume 1-2 days but can take longer depending on the factors stated above.

Is my vehicle fully protected during relocation?

Yes, our qualified drivers take care of your car from scratch to end. Moreover, we also inspect your car before picking it up and ask you to inspect post delivery. We also provide insurance coverage to give out customers the utmost protection.

What benefits does a professional cross country car shipping service provide?

Our professional cross country car movers will save your time, and energy and provide you with a safe option to relocate your vehicle. Moreover, we have vetted carriers with years of experience to carefully ship your car without any damage.

Do you provide door-to-door cross country car transport services?

Yes, we provide door-to-door cross country car transport services. Let our drivers know the pick-up and delivery location to make suitable arrangements. Our drivers will also notify you before reaching out to avoid late delivery.

Do different seasons affect the cost of cross country shipment?

Yes. along with the other factors stated above, the cost of cross country car shipping also depends on the season you choose. For instance, whether you are shipping a car in winter, spring, summer, or fall seasons.

View all frequently asked questions

View all frequently asked questions.

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