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Enclosed Car Transport

Get extra protection for your luxury and world-class vehicles with our enclosed auto transport service. Enclosed auto transport is ideal for people looking to ship luxury or classic cars. With enclosed car transport, your vehicle is protected from rough outside weather, dirt, and dust.

Limited Vehicles, Maximum protection

Transport Masters USA carries a few vehicles in an enclosed car transport service and thus guarantees maximum protection to your vehicle be it accidental damages or weather changes.

One-stop solution for your vehicle shipping needs.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Know the perks of choosing enclosed auto transport for relocating your vehicle.

  • Greater privacy:
    With enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is not exposed to the public or other drivers on the road. This can be beneficial if you are transporting a vehicle with sensitive or confidential information or simply want to keep your car's make and model private.
  • Protection from the elements:
    With enclosed auto transport, your vehicle is protected from weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, and other natural elements that could potentially damage your car during transit.
  • More personalized service:
    More personalized service: Because enclosed auto transport is often used for transporting high-value or specialty vehicles, transport companies that offer this service often provide more personalized and attentive service, with more frequent updates on the status of your vehicle's transport and additional measures taken to ensure its safety and security.
  • Versatility in transport:
    Enclosed auto transport can be used to transport a wide range of vehicles, from luxury cars and classic cars to motorcycles and other specialty vehicles. This flexibility can be beneficial if you need to transport a vehicle that requires extra care or attention during transport.

Enclosed Car Transport Cost

The cost of enclosed car transport depends on a range of factors. As such, it’s pretty much the same cost as open transport but you need to pay a little extra for enclosed car transport due to the added protection.

Besides this, the factors that determine the overall cost of enclosed car transport service are the make and model of your vehicle and the distance between pick-up and delivery. Less distance means less cost.

No doubt that the cost of enclosed auto transport is a bit higher compared to others, but this is how your luxury car deserves to be treated.

Our qualified drivers have years of experience and treat your luxury cars as their own and with utmost care.

Why Transport Masters USA:

  • Professional and qualified drivers
    Transport Masters USA has a team of dedicated shipping advisors and drivers. All our professionals have detailed knowledge about classic and luxury cars and have years of experience.

  • Reliable network of carriers
    Our professionals personally go through each enclosed car carrier to ensure you reliable ones and excellent customer service. Our trusted network of carriers built over the years is something you can take advantage of.

  • Maximum Protection
    Be it rain, dirt, dust, or any other outside elements, with Transport Masters USA, you never have to worry about any harm being done to your car as our enclosed auto transport is most secure and protects your car during transit.

  • Insurance covered
    Although our enclosed car carriers are fully safe and protect your car during the relocation process. Still, our price quote covers the insurance coverage charges to guarantee you the maximum protection for your car.

  • Vehicle tracking
    Entrusting a company with your luxury car is not child’s play and we understand this. This is why we provide our customers with the vehicle tracking facility so that they can know the current location of the vehicles and have peace of mind.

  • Round-the-clock assistance
    No matter what time or day it is, our shipping advisors and professional drivers are always there and offer round-the-clock assistance to answer your queries. Not only this, but we also keep a note of your shipment and monitor it at regular intervals.

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