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What Kind Of Car Transport Trailers Are Used To Transport Your Car

Are you planning to ship your car across the country and wondering what kind of trailers and trucks shipping companies use to transport your car to the said location? Knowing this before is a must as everyone is concerned about the safety of one’s car during the relocation. 

One of the best and most reliable ways to transport your vehicle to another country or state is by booking an auto transport company to do so. 

An experienced and trusted car shipping company not only transports your car to your location but also has a network of thousands of trailers and trucks to meet diverse needs and purposes. 

At Transport Masters USA, we use the below-mentioned kinds of trailers and trucks to safely deliver your vehicle to the next location. 

Kinds Of Trailers And Trucks 

Most car shipping companies use two kinds of trailers and trucks for transporting your car to the next location: Open and enclosed carriers. Besides these two, there are other trailers and trucks also to transport your car. 

Let us learn in-depth about the diverse kinds of trailers and trucks used to transport your car to the next location. 

Open trailer 

An open trailer, as the name indicates, is open from all ends and the vehicle transported in the open trailer is exposed to the outside elements and is the most common way to transport your car. Open trailers also give great value for money as it is economical. It is also safe and carries multiple vehicles in one go. 

Enclosed trailer 

Enclosed trailers are used to transport fewer cars because it is closed from all ends. Because of being closed from all ends, your vehicle is completely protected from the outside elements. Enclosed trailers are best for shipping high-end, luxurious, or classic cars. But this is slightly expensive compared to open car transport because of the added protection. 

If you have opted for an enclosed car trailer, the chances are that your car will be shipped in below mentioned trailers. 

Single vehicle enclosed trailer- Single vehicle enclosed trailer is used for hauling valuable cars. The commonly used trailers include gooseneck and bumper pull trailers. 

Multi-vehicle enclosed trailer- Multi-vehicle enclosed trailers carry more than one vehicle at a single time. The vehicles in this trailer ride in a single file. 

Single-vehicle hotshot trailers 

Single-vehicle hotshot trailers use a dual truck to pull a gooseneck trailer large enough to load one car or truck. This kind of trailer is used to transport vehicles for shorter distances. Many people confuse single-vehicle hotshot trailers with tow trucks but both are different. 

Single-level multicar trailers 

The single-level multicar trailers are used to haul two to six cars at one time. This carrier is larger than a hotshot but is still small enough to travel to places where the big carriers cannot such as narrow streets. 

Multi-vehicle trailers 

Multi-vehicle trailers are the standard form of open transport in the car shipping industry. If you book open car transport to ship your car to the next location, the chances are that it will be shipped in this trailer pulled by a semi-truck. 

Which Trailer Should You Choose? 

It depends on your personal discretion and choice but make sure to make your decision based on the value of your vehicle, how early you want your vehicle to be delivered and how much will be the distance between the two locations. 

Also, consider the kind of car you own and then decide on the trailer to transport your car from one location to another. 

Transport Masters USA can help you choose a reliable and good carrier from its network of thousands of carriers and deliver your car in no time. Reach out to our skilled shipping advisors now and plan your car shipping. 

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