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What Is The Fastest Way To Transport Your Car From One Location To Another?

Gone are the days when people needed to travel by road to transport their car from one location to another as it is possible to ship your car anywhere within the United States now and all thanks to car transport companies. 

The standard time frame for delivering your car to your doorstep depends on the shipping distance and other factors. But some factors upset deliveries such as road closure, unexpected snow storms, or flat tires can lead to delays in delivering your vehicle. 

Above all, some people book the car shipping at the last minute and also want their car to be delivered on time. This is why people often ask about the fastest means to ship a car from one location to another. 

Consequently, let us learn about the fastest way to ship a car in the post outlined below so you can book the right one. 

How Long Does Car Transport Take? 

The transport companies can only provide you with a rough estimate of the time it will take to deliver your car and nothing precisely can be said about it. Moreover, there are plenty of factors influencing the time taken to deliver your car which include: 

Shipping distance- The more the distance between the pick-up and delivery location, the more time it is going to take. 

Vehicle type- The type of vehicles you own also determines how long the car shipping will take. For instance, if you have a luxury car that requires specialized equipment, then you can expect the car shipping to take a little bit longer. 

On-road issues- The next factor playing a crucial role in determining the time taken to deliver your car is the on-road issues. If there is heavy traffic, road construction, or other things during the route, then the time taken to deliver your car will be more and vice versa. 

Driver’s working hours- There are specific hours for which the driver can drive and be on the road. Make sure to confirm the same with the car transport company. 

Stoppages- One carrier can bear the burden of nine vehicles at a time. But if the number of vehicles is more, and the trailer has reached its full capacity, it will take longer to deliver your car safely. 

Weather- Another factor influencing the time taken to deliver your car is the weather. If the driver experiences snow, ice, hurricanes, or thunderstorms during the relocation, then it will take him more time and vice versa. 

Tips To Ship Your Car Faster 

The fastest way to ship your car is express car shipping. Express car shipping is meant for the ones who have a time constraint and want to get their car delivered quickly. By choosing express car shipping, you can get your car delivered within 1-2 days. 

Besides this, here are some other tips to help you ship your car faster. 

Opt for open car transport 

Instead of choosing enclosed car transport, choose open car transport as it is both a faster and also cheaper means of delivering your car. Moreover, open car carriers are also easily available and save you time. 

Connect with the driver 

Ensure to meet the driver near the well-travelled freeway or big city to be able to shave as much of a day off your delivery. 

Plan early 

Another best way to ship your car fast is to plan at least two weeks and make all the shipping arrangements. Doing so also gives the car transport company sufficient time to make the arrangements and make the carrier available at the right place. It will not only lower the cost of vehicle shipping but will also deliver your vehicle at the earliest. 

Beware of guaranteed delivery 

Be wary of the company offering a guaranteed delivery date to you as the chances are that the company might be a fraud. It is because the legitimate transport companies know that it is not possible to give a guaranteed delivery date because of the plenty of factors involved in it and affecting the delivery time. 

Book Your Car Shipping With Transport Masters USA!

Transport Masters USA is a trusted and renowned name in the best car shipping company and has been doing it for years. Simply get a car shipping quote using our online shipping cost calculator and book your car shipping now to get your car delivered fast. 

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