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Tips to reduce costs when shipping a classic car

Driving your classic car to long distances may not be a wise option because of the expenses it involves and this in turn makes classic car shipping a must-have service. Shipping a classic car can be a nerve-wracking experience for you because of the emotional attachment to the vehicle and also due to the potential costs involved. 

Shipping a classic car than others is slightly more expensive because classic cars are valuable investments and ensuring their safe shipping is of utmost importance. 

But it does not mean that you need to break the bank to ship your classic car. Here are some tips stated below which can go a long way in reducing the car shipping costs while shipping a classic car. 

Tips To Reduce Costs 

Planning is must 

One of the simplest and most practical ways to save some money on shipping a classic car is to plan. Last minute bookings and that too of classic car will always cost you more than usual. So, the best way forward would be to schedule the classic car shipping well in advance. 

Planning will not only reduce car shipping costs but will also give you ample time to research and do comparisons of different car shipping companies to figure out the best one for yourself. 

Ship during non-peak times

Another way out there is to ship your classic car during non-peak time. For instance, car shipping costs tend to be high during the summer as many people move during this time. You can consider shipping your classic car during the fall or winter to get a special discount and ship your classic car for less. 

Ask for seasonal discounts 

Nearly every transport company these days offers seasonal discounts during off-peak seasons. So if you do not have a timeline and are flexible with the relocation, then try to inquire about the seasonal discounts from the auto transport company as this could save you money. 

Take the time to explore the latest offers and discounts from transport companies and pick the one that suits you the best. 

Choose transport method wisely 

The two main options to ship your car are open and enclosed. It depends on your discretion to decide which one works best for your car. Remember, your car will be exposed to outside elements in open transport but this is not the case with enclosed car transport. 

Enclosed car transport offers full protection to your classic car throughout the relocation but is a bit more expensive than open transport. If you feel that your classic car does not require any special handling, then consider opting for open car transport to save yourself some money and vice versa. 

Compare quotes

Settling for one price quote offered by one company is not the way to ship your car. You should consider several car transport companies and request a quote from them to decide which one fits your budget. 

Compare the quotes of different companies. Remember, a company offering a low price does not mean its good to go. You should never sacrifice quality over money. 

Request a custom quote from Transport Masters USA now and speak to our shipping advisors regarding classic car shipping. 

Prepare your classic car 

Ensure that your classic car is in good running condition before shipping it. A non-running vehicle may require special equipment and incur additional fees. Also, check for leaks, and if your car has any known mechanical issues, address them before shipping to avoid complications during transit.

Ask about the insurance coverage 

Do not forget to ask the transport company about the insurance coverage to find out what is covered and what is not. Also, ask the company to send you a copy of the insurance coverage so that you can review it and decide. 

Wrapping Up 

By adhering to the above-mentioned tips, you can reduce the costs of shipping a classic car and maximise its value. Always choose an auto transport company that enjoys a good reputation in the market and gives you a fair price. Ship your classic car with Transport Master USA now! 

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