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Tips to choose the best car shipping company to transport cars to dealerships

Choosing a reliable car shipping company when it comes to transporting cars to dealerships is crucial and should not be missed out as this is what can make or mar your overall car shipping experience. 

Car shipping companies specialise in safely and efficiently moving vehicles from one location to another, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Choosing the best car shipping company can enable dealers to provide the best possible service to their customers. 

But choosing a reliable and trusted car shipping company in today’s time is not that easy as there are plenty of car shipping companies to choose from. Consequently, here are some tips to help you choose the best car shipping company to transport cars to dealerships and ensure a seamless transportation process. 

Tips To Choose The Best Car Shipping Company 

Are you a dealer looking to ship cars to your customers and wondering how to choose the best car shipping company for the same? No more worries as we have got you covered. The first thing to bear in mind while choosing the car shipping company to transport cars to dealerships is to choose the one whom you can trust and who has an excellent track record of delivering cars on time. 

But this is not all. Here are the tips to help you choose the best car shipping company stated below. 

Research and compare 

Finding the best car shipping company is not as challenging as it seems at the outset and all thanks to the internet. Simply research the best car shipping companies on the internet and shortlist some of the companies featured at the top. 

Once you shortlist some of the top car transport service companies, the next thing to check about the companies is the services they offer. Go through their website, read their reviews, and testimonials, and figure out how they treat their customers. 

Coming across some negative reviews does not mean leaving the company right away. Instead of this, try to know the way the company responded to the negative review and dealt with the customer. 

After you are done with researching some of the best car shipping companies, you also need to compare a few shortlisted companies such as their prices, delivery timelines, and the additional perks they are offering to make the right decision. 

Emphasize quality of service 

Most dealers focus on quantity rather than quality when choosing a car shipping company and this is the biggest mistake they are making. Instead of focusing on the number of cars a company has shipped so far, focus on its car shipping process and the service they are offering. 

Consequently, always choose the car shipping company that provides the best car shipping experience and treats the customers the right way. 

Check their track record 

No matter what, checking the track record of the company is a must. For instance, if you are a dealer shipping luxury cars, then there is no point in checking the track record of the company that has experience in shipping standard cars. Its a pure waste of time. 

Prefer to check the track record of such companies that align with your services and have experience in shipping the vehicle you deal with. 

Check their registration 

Another crucial thing to check about car shipping companies is whether they are registered or not. All car shipping companies are required to get themselves registered with the US Department of Transportation. 

The car shipping you choose should have a valid USDOT number. You can easily figure it out by searching on Google. 

Get quote

Getting an estimate of the price from the car shipping company is a must. Make sure to ask for a quote from several car transport companies to compare their prices. Also, request a quote from such companies that deal with the same cars as you. 

Most car shipping companies use online car shipping calculators these days to save you the hassle of getting in touch with them and getting the quote online right away. Consequently, calculate the quote of different companies and compare them to decide which one fits your budget. 

Ask questions 

Asking questions or clarifying your doubts after getting a quote from the car shipping company is a must and should not be missed. Ask questions about the car shipping process, the time it will take, the type of insurance coverage, payment options, transport methods, and so on. 

Once you feel all your doubts are cleared, then relax and decide which car shipping company to choose. 

Contact Company 

Reaching out to the car shipping company is also crucial to make the final call. Speak with their shipping advisors or car shipping professionals to learn more about the process they follow and how they’ll ship your car. 

Directly contacting the company allows you to understand their customer service better and get all the desired information. 

Final Thoughts 

Following the tips stated above, you can easily decide the best car shipping company to transport cars to dealerships. Transport Masters USA is the one-stop solution to all your car shipping needs as it has years of experience, a network of reliable carriers, and most importantly, deals in all kinds of vehicles. Reach out to us now. 

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