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Things You Should Know Before Shipping Your Car Overseas

Whether you are shifting permanently to a new location or are going for some days, taking your car along with you is a must. Having your car with you feels great and makes things easy. 

Back in time, people used to travel long distances to ship their car to another location be it international or local as there was no other alternative available. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore and all thanks to the vehicle transport services these days. 

With the help of vehicle transport services, you can easily ship your car overseas and be at ease. The ones shipping a car for the very first time don’t know much about shipping your car overseas. 

Consequently, let us have an insight into the things you should know before shipping your car overseas. 

Tips To Ship Your Car Overseas 

Shipping your car overseas can be a challenging task for people who are shipping their car for the very first time. It requires lots of paperwork and effort. But once you know the process, you’ll get peace of mind of knowing that your car will be delivered safely and on time.

Consequently, here are some things you need to figure out before shipping your car overseas. 


Researching the best international car shipping companies that fit your needs is the foremost thing you need to know for shipping your car overseas. Look out for the best and top-rated vehicle transport services and come up with some options. 

When choosing the vehicle transport services for shipping your car overseas, look out for companies that are licensed, and insured and also work with fully insured third parties. This will enable you to compare different companies. 

Read online reviews for the shortlisted companies and compare their pricing plans to decide which would be the best choice for you. 

Gather documents 

The next significant thing is to gather the required documents for shipping your car overseas. The required set of documents for shipping your car overseas includes copies of government-issued ID, vehicle information, bill of vehicle, bill of sale, and power of attorney. 

Gather all these documents for shipping your car overseas. You can also contact the port of entry before you ship your car. This will bring you better clarity. 

Prepare your car 

Getting your car ready to travel is the next thing to look for shipping your car overseas. By this, we mean, getting all your crucial documents and personal belongings out of your car before handing them over to the driver. 

Also, get your car washed before on its way to the port of entry because custom agents carefully inspect your car for pests, debris and dirt. Besides this, also inspect the overall condition of your vehicle such as scratches, or dents, and take photographs of your vehicle.

Cost of shipping car overseas

Checking how much it cost to transport a car overseas should also be taken into account. Exactly nothing can be said about the cost of shipping a car overseas because it depends on a range of different factors. 

The factors which decide the overall cost of shipping a vehicle overseas include the overall condition of your vehicle, make and model of the vehicle, shipping distance, and delivery time. 

Besides this, also consider other costs such as marine insurance, destination charges, custom duty, additional taxes, and fees. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping all these things in mind, you can easily ship your car overseas and be at ease knowing your car is in safe hands. Above all, Transport Masters USA also provides live tracking provision with which, you can check the current location of your vehicle. Book Transport Masters USA now. 


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