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Shipping cars to Alaska

Around 40000 people are moving to Alaska every year, and there are many situations when they want to bring their vehicle with them as well. That’s the reason why shipping cars to Alaska has become extremely popular over the years. There are many things to consider when you’re shipping cars to Alaska, mainly because you have to go through Canada. That means switching states, which adds its fair share of challenges. But if you do this right, the process can be great and it will certainly make the experience a lot better in the end.

Is it possible to ship your car to Alaska?

Yes, there are many different methods to start shipping cars to Alaska. That means you will have access to a vast range of options, and that makes the process simpler and easier. Generally, these shipment processes can take time, but for the most part it all comes down to convenience and delivering the best value and quality. Which is exactly what makes this such a great approach. It’s certainly worth the effort, and the value can be second to none in the long run.

Do you need insurance to ship your car to Alaska?

As always, insurance is not mandatory, but it comes as strongly recommended. That’s especially true in the case of a long haul like this one. The truth is that you never really know what might happen while on the road. You want to have comprehensive insurance regardless of what shipping method you might use. Even if it sounds like the safest method, insurance gives you the peace of mind you want. It eliminates concerns, and in the end it will just make things better and more cohesive. Which is exactly the thing you need to take into consideration. The booking process of your shipment will come with various insurance options, so you can choose which one is appropriate for your particular situation.

One of the interesting things about shipping cars to Alaska is that most companies don’t need the license plates for the vehicle. You can put them in the car or just take them with you as you see fit. For the most part, shipping companies just need the vehicle and its keys. Ideally, you want to have a ¼ part of your tank filled with gas. It will make it easier to get the vehicle on the trailer and also take it off from it as needed. That’s something that the shipping company will talk with you beforehand to ensure everything is handled appropriately and there are no problems to worry about.

How much does it take to ship a vehicle to Alaska?

The origin point and destination will affect this quite a bit. You can expect every 500 miles to take a day, so it’s common to expect a 1000 mile transport to be 2-3 days. However, in some cases there might be more waiting time due to permits or bad weather. So, it depends, it can take a few days or more than that.

Which is why you want to ask for a quote, to ensure that you have a good idea of when your vehicle gets delivered. Generally, you can expect your vehicle to be send as quickly as possible, but with the quote you will have an estimate of both the overall price, but also the shipping time. That’s certainly a thing to keep in mind, and in the end it will make the process a lot better and easier. The more you focus on that, the better the results will be. Adequate preparation never hurts, and in the end it will just make the process easier.

What kind of shipping options are available when shipping cars to Alaska?

Open car hauler

The most common and also the least expensive option is definitely an open car hauler. This is the type of shipping option where the car is exposed to the elements. It can fit multiple vehicles, which means you are splitting the costs with others when you ship your vehicle. That helps save quite a bit of time, while eliminating a lot of potential concerns. You always want to ensure that you’re getting the best value and benefits, and with an open car hauler is a great idea.

If you have a less expensive car and you’re also tight on the budget, going with an open car hauler is always the right idea. It helps save time and money, while also making the experience more cohesive and interesting. Which is why it’s totally worth it to give it a shot, and the benefits will be really interesting.

Enclosed car hauler

If you want to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements, then an enclosed car hauler is the right thing to focus on. This is something that must be planned beforehand, so it’s not a last-minute choice. It is however the ideal way to transport a vehicle that holds quite a bit of value. Since the car is not exposed to the elements, it receives a lot more protection, and you get to eliminate many of the potential concerns that can arise.

Being prepared for any challenge like this is extremely helpful, and it will certainly make the car shipping process a better one every time. Which is exactly what makes it a great idea in the first place. Since shipping cars to Alaska can involve going through snowy regions or dealing with hail/sleet, you always want to be fully prepared and an enclosed car hauler is ideal. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s definitely one of the better options to take into consideration in a situation like this. That alone can truly make a difference.

Which is the cheapest ways to ship cars to Alaska?

It all depends on your budget and a vast range of factors. But for the most part, the cheapest way to start shipping cars to Alaska is to use an open car hauler. Open car haulers are ideal because they are the least expensive and you can still get a very good value for money. It might take a bit of a trial and error to prepare everything, but the results can be great and that’s where the true value of the process resides. It eliminates concerns, and the experience is second to none all the time.

Should you ship cars to Alaska or just attempt to drive yourself?

This is a very long drive, and one that has its fair share of challenges. Going with a shipping company and its services is ideal because you have access to professionals that know this road very well and which are able to ensure everything is working exactly the way you want. It’s totally something you want to keep in mind, because trying to drive on your own is never a good thing, since it leads to too much hassle and challenges.

On top of that, you have to cross borders not once, but twice. That can be quite the hassle to deal with, so it makes sense to leave it to professionals. You will be saving a lot of time and also avoid tons of hassle if you just work with a shipping company. That’s why shipping cars to Alaska is the better option. You never have to worry about dealing with shipping equipment or anything like that, instead the main focus is the process itself and it will become a lot easier for you. The shipping company has the chains and winter tires needed to tackle even the most demanding situations and challenges here, and that alone is certainly a thing to think about in a situation like this.

How can you start shipping cars to Alaska?

·         The first step is to request a quote from the shipping company where you share the destination and current location, but also other details related to your car. It will help the shipping company learn more about your car, and that will help save quite a bit of time. It also makes the quote more accurate, which is exactly the thing you need to keep in mind here.

·         On top of that, you can choose between multiple shipping services. There will be a regular shipping system, but also an expedited one that comes at a premium. Understanding the shipping guidelines and requirements is very important, because it helps save time, and you will also know exactly what you can expect from this kind of stuff, just try to keep that in mind.

·         After everything is settled, a contract is signed and the shipping company will come to pick up your car. You need to be there, or at least someone you trust, to survey everything and also provide the keys for the vehicle. Depending on the shipping company you are working with, there might be an option to actually track the vehicle location. That’s not always a guarantee, but for the most part shipping companies will provide that option, and you do need to take it into account as much as you can.

·         The car will arrive at your destination, you sign the bill of lading, receive a copy and can go ahead and use the car as you see fit. It’s a seamless and rather fast process, which is why you are shipping cars to Alaska. It helps save time while eliminating many of the possible challenges that can appear.

Is it possible to ship a vehicle that has low ground clearance?

It all depends on the shipping company and what you mean by a low ground clearance. For the most part, you will notice that a low ground clearance is not going to be a problem. However, if a vehicle has less than 4 inches of ground clearance, you will need to use a lift gate and an enclosed trailer. There are risks that come from shipping this in any other way, so having a specialized shipping method is the right approach and it can pay off better than you might expect. You always want to address that adequately, and doing that is certainly going to make things a whole lot easier.

How far ahead should you schedule the shipping process?

You always want to schedule everything ahead of time. Not only will it help more than you expect, but it will also eliminate many of the issues that can arise. You always want to make shipping quick and convenient, and with this approach you can do that. It’s always a very good idea to try and schedule your shipping process a few weeks in advance. It will give enough time to handle permits or special requirements, while also making sure you are fully prepared for the entire process.

Can you ship a car to Alaska if it’s not running?

Yes, shipping cars to Alaska is possible even if the vehicle is not running. With that being said, you will be charged a premium for that, because there are specialized tasks involved in order to move the vehicle properly. These things are not inexpensive, so it’s important to ask for a quote beforehand, just to be certain that you have the right shipping method locked down. It helps save time, while also assuring you that the results are great every time. Plus, you also want to know if the shipping company can do this in the first place. It’s one of those situations where communication is key, and that’s the thing that matters the most.


As you can see, shipping cars to Alaska is possible, but you do need to find the right shipping company to help with the entire process. You always want to be fully prepared beforehand and avoid any possible concerns that might arise from this type of process. The more you focus on this and the more you are prepared, the better. It can take a bit of time and effort to ship vehicles to Alaska, but the benefits are great, especially if you find the right shipping business. 

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