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Prepare Your Car For Shipping With These Expert Tips

Moving to another state seems easy but is a challenging task, especially when you have a car to take along with you. Driving for long hours causes fatigue and is also time-consuming. Moreover, it also exposes your car to accidental damage or outside elements. 

Thankfully, you no longer have to go through all these things now as you can ship your car by taking advantage of our vehicle transport services and making things easy. But you need to prepare your car well in advance before you ship your car. 

The ones shipping a car for the first time lack the know-how of how to prepare a car for shipping. Consequently, let’s have a sneak peek into some of the things to consider and how to prepare your car before getting it shipped by vehicle transport services. 

Tips To Prepare Your Car Before Shipping 

No doubt that with the advent of vehicle transport services, car shipping has become easy. But before you hand over your car, you need to prepare your car for shipping and unlock the best car shipping experience. 

Here’s a shipping checklist to prepare for your car for shipping: 

Check fuels 

Checking your car’s fuel is the first thing to note when shipping your car. No matter how much hurry you are in, you should check if the car has any leaking fluids or not. If you notice any leaking fluids from your car, ensure to get those fixed before handing your car to the driver. 

If the leakage is not severe and only a minor one, then you can also inform the driver to place your car at the bottom of the trailer. 

Inspect & Wash your car 

As the vehicle transport services take note of your vehicle’s condition before taking the charge, so it’s good to wash your car prior. Ensure that your vehicle is neat and clean so that you and the driver can spot any dents, damages, or scratches on the car. 

Consequently, inspect your car along with the driver at the time of pick-up to avoid chaos later on. 

Take pictures of the car 

Merely inspecting the vehicle closely along with the driver will not serve the purpose. You also need to take photos of your car to catch any dents, damages, or scratches. Also, take photos of your car from every possible angle for your record. 

Having clear photos of your car will protect your car from accidental damage during the relocation. 

Take note of personal possessions 

Usually, most vehicle transport services allow shipping personal possessions weighing up to 100 lbs along with shipping your car, and that too at no additional charges. But keeping personal possessions increases the chances of theft without insurance coverage. 

If you want to ship your personal belongings along with your car, then take note of the things you have kept so that you can make out if all things are there at the delivery or not. 

Fix minor repairs 

Another thing to bear in mind is the minor repairs. Look for any minor repairs and ensure to fix those before shipping your car. The best option is to get your car serviced as the technicians over there will fix the leakages or repairs if any. 

Taking note of the small repairs can save you great money and bring you the best shipping experience ever. 

Check battery and tires 

Checking the battery and tires of your car is a must before shipping your car. Ensure that your car’s battery should be fully secured and charged. In addition to this, look at the tires if they have accurate pressure or not. 

Checking these vitals of your car before handing your car to the drivers will give you the best overall shipping experience.

Turn off alarm 

Unlike previous times, modern cars have the provision of an alarm which if keeps going off can cause disturbance to the driver. So, it’s better to disable the alarm during the relocation to make it easy for the driver to ship your car. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping these small things in mind, you can easily prepare your car for shipping and get the best shipping experience guaranteed. Book the best auto transport company- Transport Masters USA for shipping your car. Get a quote using our online shipping cost calculator and ship your car now. 

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