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Open vs Enclosed car transport: which one is better?

The advent of car transport services has made relocation easy for people be it to another state or city. But the multiple transport methods have also increased confusion among people regarding which one to opt for and which one to leave. 

The people shipping their car for the first time can hardly make out what would serve them better: open auto transport or enclosed car transport. As such, both transport methods are best on their own terms but at last, you have to choose one to ship your car. 

Consequently, if you are also confused between open auto transport and enclosed car transport, then we have got you covered. Let’s discuss in-depth open and enclosed car transport in the post outlined below. 

Open Car Transport 

Open auto transport is the most common transport method. Compared to enclosed car transport, it is much more convenient and also gives you the full worth of money. As it transports multiple vehicles in one go, it is easily afforded by people. 

It is mostly suitable for people having standard cars. No doubt that open car trailers are open from all ends and expose your car to outside elements such as rough weather, dirt, and dust, but still, it delivers your car safely and on time. 

Perks Of Open Car Transport

Here are some of the compelling reasons to choose open car transport compared to enclosed car transport. 


There are many people who cannot afford expensive car transport companies and take the risk of driving long distances on their own. Thankfully, this is not the case with open car transport as it is easily affordable for people. 

It transports multiple cars at once and is also open from sides which in turn makes it the most economical transport method. 

Top load provision 

Another major benefit of open car transport is the availability of top load. As it is open from all ends and exposes your car to outside elements such as dust, dirt, and rough weather, people doubt the safety of open car transport. 

Consequently, if you are also concerned about the overall safety of your car, then you have the option of choosing the top load provision. 

Fast and efficient 

If you have tight deadlines and want to get your car delivered as soon as possible, then open car transport would serve your interests best. It is because open car transport is fast, efficient, and convenient. 

Consequently, by booking open car transport, you can get your car delivered as early as you want. 

Enclosed Car Transport

As the name indicates, is enclosed from all four ends and provides extra protection to your car during relocation. It is suitable for people having classic or luxury cars as they need extra protection. 

As it offers extra protection to your car, it is a little expensive compared to open car transport. But your car is fully protected from all accidental damages and outside elements throughout the relocation. 

Perks of Enclosed Car Transport 

Here are some of the benefits of enclosed car transport listed below for you to decide which one to choose: 

Full protection

The foremost benefit of enclosed car transport is that it is closed from all ends and offers maximum protection to your car. By booking this, your vehicle is never exposed to outside elements or runs the risk of accidental damage. 

Consequently, guarantee the maximum protection for your luxury car by booking enclosed car transport to ship your car. 

Peace of mind 

Knowing that your car is safe and there is no risk from anything, also gives you peace of mind. Your car will be delivered to you in the same condition in which it was picked up before. 

No doubt that it costs more compared to open car transport but it is safe and delivers your car safely. 

Increased insurance coverage 

The next benefit of enclosed car transport is increased insurance coverage. As such, you are eligible to get insurance coverage for all transport methods but as far as enclosed car transport is concerned, it has higher insurance coverage. 

Open Car Transport vs Enclosed Car Transport 


Basis Open Car Transport Enclosed Car Transport 
Carriers It transports your car in open carriers i.e open from all ends. It transports your car in enclosed car carriers i.e closed from all ends. 
Cost It is cheap. It is expensive. 
Speed It is fast-paced and delivers the vehicle fast. It is not as fast as open car transport. 
Safety It exposes your car to outside elements and is considered less safe. It is closed from all ends and offers full protection during relocation. 
Suitable for It is suitable for shipping standard cars. It is suitable for shipping luxury or classic cars. 
The number of cars It can transport 10 vehicles at once. It can transport only 2-3 vehicles at a time. 
Insurance coverage It has less insurance coverage. It has more insurance coverage. 

Which One To Choose Between Open And Enclosed Car Transport? 

As such, both open and enclosed car transport is best in their own terms but which one you should choose will depend on your requirements and budget. For instance, if you have a standard car and less budget, then open car transport would be best for you. 

But if you own a luxury car and are worried about your car’s safety, then enclosed car transport would serve your purpose. 

Wrapping Up

Both open and enclosed car transport are the best transport methods to ship your car. Rest, your overall shipping experience depends on the company you choose. Transport Masters USA is the best car shipping company and delivers the best car shipping experience. Get a quote now. 


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