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Is It Wise To Ship Your Car With Your Belongings?

With the advent of car transport companies, many people have started opting for the car transport service instead of travelling long distances on their own. But people have a variety of questions running through their minds when shipping their car. 

One question which often gets asked is- Can I ship my car with my personal belongings? Shipping a car and personal belongings separately may turn out to be a costly affair for people. This is why people think to ship a car along with their personal belongings to save unnecessary expenses. 

But whether the car shipping companies allow this or not is a major doubt in people’s minds. Consequently, we have come up with this post to let you know if you can ship a car with your personal belongings or not. 


Risks Associated With Shipping A Car With Personal Belongings 

Shipping a car along with your personal belongings in it is not easy. No doubt that vehicle transport services do provide the option of shipping a car along with your personal belongings up to 100 lbs at no additional cost, but they also have several rules in place for this. 

There is a rule to keep your personal belongings below the window so that the driver’s seat must be clear and to enable them to drive accordingly. Likewise, there are several risks associated with them. Let us know some of the risks associated with the same.


Risk of theft

The most prominent risk associated with shipping your car along with your personal belongings is the risk of theft. Due to the long distances and shipping routes, drivers do not go straight to your location. 

They take frequent stoppages in between to rest for a while. In such a case, the risk of theft is very high as the people passing by can steal your valuable belongings from your car. The best alternative is to keep the items below the window level so that it is not visible to outsiders. 


Makes vehicle overweight 

The risk of theft is not the only risk. Shipping a car with your personal belongings in it can also make the vehicle overweight. The transport carriers are not allowed to carry as much load as they can. There are some limits which must be adhered to by every driver and car transport service

But having personal belongings in the car can make it overloaded which can result in a fine for the driver and can also damage your car. 


Can cause damage 

There is always a risk of damaging your car when you ship it with your belongings in it. There’s already a car at the top of your car in a carrier, so if you put items in it, then it can shift and cause damage to your car. 

No doubt that vehicle transport services provide you with insurance coverage but insurance does not cover the damage caused by your items or by extra weight. 


How Much Does Car Shipping Cost With Personal Belongings? 

No doubt that you can ship your car with your personal belongings in it but it can turn out to be slightly costly for you. The vehicle transport services allow you to ship up to 100 lbs at no additional cost. But if your personal belongings weigh more than 100 lbs, then you need to pay for them. 

You can get to know how much car shipping will cost you by getting a personalized quote using the online shipping cost calculator. 


Tips For Shipping Items In Your Car 

There are some things to bear in mind when shipping your car with your items in it. Here are a few tips to help you ship a car along with your belongings in it. 


Pack boxes or bags carefully 

The foremost thing to bear in mind is to pack the bag or boxes carefully. By this, we mean that keep your bags or boxes in such a manner that these won’t be visible from the window. 

It is because if your items are visible or are above the window, then there are the chances of theft or causing difficulties for the driver in driving your car. 


Avoid packing fragile items 

The next thing to bear is not to keep fragile items in your car while shipping them to another location via vehicle transport services. It is because fragile items run the risk of breaking during the relocation. 

Consequently, prefer keeping such items that don’t have the risk of breaking during the relocation. 


Avoid packing too many items 

In addition to the ones mentioned above, also avoid packing too many items. Packing too many items can increase the vehicle’s weight and cause difficulty to the driver in driving your car and delivering it safely to your preferred location. 

It can also cause unnecessary penalties or fines to the driver or the company for exceeding the load limit. Consequently, avoid keeping too many items. 


Final Thoughts 

By now, you must have come to know about what it seems like to ship your car along with your personal belongings. Follow the above-mentioned tips and take note of the risks stated above to make sure your car gets delivered to you safely and on time. 

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