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Is It Good To Tip Moving Companies For Hassle-Free Vehicle Shipping

There is no doubt that moving is a stressful and overwhelming experience but you can make it easier for you by knowing what to expect during moving. Hiring a professional moving company can make the moving process smooth for you. 

While you might be focused on ensuring your belongings are handled carefully, another question may come to mind: Do you tip moving companies?

Giving a tip to moving companies is a common practice but there are some crucial things for you to know before you give the tip. Consequently, let us know the factors to consider when deciding whether to tip or not along with other things. 

Factors To Consider In Deciding Whether To Tip Or Not

Quality of service 

Pay heed to the quality of service given by the moving company when deciding whether to tip or not. If the company handled your belongings with care and delivered your car on time, then it makes sense to give a tip to a moving company. 


The most pivot role when deciding to tip a moving company is played by your budget. When giving a tip to a moving company, make sure that it should be according to your budget like what you can afford and are comfortable with. 

Distance and duration

The next factor to consider while making this decision is the distance and duration of your move. If it was a long distance and took several hours, then giving a tip is a good gesture to value the time and effort put in by the movers to safely deliver your car. 

Number of movers

The number of movers is another factor you need to pay heed to when deciding whether to tip a moving company or not. If it is a large team of movers working on your move, then you can consider giving a tip to them. Make sure to divide the tip equally between the number of movers. 

How Much To Tip? 

It is up to you whether to tip to moving company or not as it is not mandatory and depends solely on your discretion. Giving tip to your movers is a way to show appreciation to them for helping you throughout your journey. 

There are a few things to bear in mind if you have decided to tip your movers. It is usually done at the end of the move. As far as the amount of the tip is concerned, it varies greatly but the standard amount is between 5-20% of the total moving cost. 

For instance, if your move costs $1000, then the tip should be between $50- $200. Rest, it depends on the factors mentioned above. 

Also, some moving companies have policies in place that prohibit the movers from accepting tips. If your moving company also has the same policy, then you can show your appreciation by alternative means such as giving them food or beverages during the move or leaving a positive review on their website. 

Checklist To Prepare For Your Move 

Start preparing for your move as early as possible to avoid chaos later on. This means booking the car transport service, arranging transport, packing belongings, and arranging for other things. 

Here’s a checklist to keep you on track while moving. 

  • Sort out your belongings and leave the stuff that you no longer need. 
  • Gather packing material such as boxes, markers, and wraps.
  • Book car transport service USA. 
  • Make special arrangements for pets or children accompanying you on your move. 
  • Keep all crucial documents in one place such as passports, birth certificates, and others to easily access them. 

Wrapping Up

Giving tips to moving companies is a common practice as they help you during your journey. But make sure you base your decision based on the factors stated above and accordingly decide. Reach out to Transport Masters USA to plan smooth car shipping for you. 

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