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How to ship a non-running car: Expert tips and tricks

Expert Tips and Tricks on How To Ship A Non Running Car

Auto transport companies are not something new and have been in existence for quite a time now. Having wide years of experience, the car transport service can help you transport a wide range of vehicles irrespective of their size, make, and model. 

Whether your vehicle is big or small, most car delivery companies can easily assist it in transporting your car from one location to the next location. But shipping a non-running car becomes a daunting task both for you also and for the transport companies also. 

If your car is non-running and you need to ship your car to the next location, then it requires special equipment to load and unload onto the trailer. Unfortunately, not all companies have the specialized equipment or the dedicated professionals to ship a non-running car. 

Thankfully, Transport Masters USA can easily arrange non-running car shipping for you. But there are a few things you need to bear in mind when shipping a non-running car. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you transport a non-running car with the right preparation or knowledge. 

Non-Running Car

A non-running car refers to a car that is not in the right working condition, cannot run, or is not safe to drive on your own. There might be plenty of reasons for the same such as being involved in a collision and many more. 

If you own a classic car, then the reason that it is non-running may be because it is restoring to its former glory. Transporting non-running cars from ordinary ones does not have a major difference but there are some things to take note of to have the best car shipping experience. 

Tips And Tricks To Ship A Non-Running Car 

Shipping a non-running car is slightly different from shipping a usual car. Consequently, here’s an insight into crucial things you need to bear in mind when shipping a non-running car. 

Know the issue 

The primary tip to bear in mind when shipping a non-running car is to know the issue involved in your car. Simply telling the auto transport company that the car is non-running will not serve the purpose. You need to provide them with information like what’s wrong with your car and why its non-running. 

The key is to find out the issue with your car as it will determine if a carrier can ship your vehicle or not. For instance, if your car’s engine is not working, then the carrier will have to use a winch. 

But if your car’s brakes or steering are not working, then it becomes difficult to load onto the trailer. This will increase the complications of an auto transport company and is likely to increase the car shipping cost. 

Consequently, figure out the issue with your car so that you can let the company know at the outset only and the company can give you the exact price quote for the same. 

Book ahead 

Planning is a must when shipping a non-running car. When we speak of planning for a non-running car, its not just the carrier and transport company who needs to make preparations for shipping your non-running car but you also need to plan. 

Consequently, it’s said to book ahead of time and not on the spur of the moment as it gives you enough time to prepare and also ensures that you get the best car shipping experience. Besides this, you also tend to get the best possible pick-up and delivery times fitting right into your schedule. 


Doing research is inevitable when you are transporting a non-running car. Do some research to find out the best car shipping company for shipping your non-running car. 

When doing research, you’ll find out that some companies are good whereas others might be bad. So, opt for the transport company which provides you with affordable car shipping rates and the best car shipping service. 

Choosing transport option 

The next comes the transport option. In addition to the ones stated above, you also need to choose a transport option for shipping your non-running car. When it comes to transport options, you have two options to choose from: Open car transport and enclosed car transport. 

Open car shipping will include open carriers and your non-running car will be loaded onto the open carrier using a winch. Winches may be either hand-cranked or manual. But while choosing open-car shipping, bear this in mind that it will not protect your car from rough weather and debris. 

Contrary to open car shipping, there is enclosed car shipping. As mentioned above, your cars will be loaded onto the enclosed car carriers with the help of a liftgate. Liftgates are mainly used for shipping low-clearance vehicles because of the high risk. The best part about enclosed car transport is that it protects your car from rough weather. 

Compare prices 

Enquiring about the price of car shipping is also crucial. As far as pricing is concerned, most Car Delivery Companies have the option of an online cost calculator using which you can easily calculate how much car shipping will cost. 

Simply fill in the basic information about your car and calculate your cars shipping cost via the shipping cost calculator. Do compare the prices of different car shipping companies and choose the right one. 

Check insurance 

Most people commit the mistake of not checking their insurance because they think that the car is non-running. No matter if your car is non-running, you still need to insure the vehicle as it still holds some value. 

Having insurance coverage will protect your car in case of any damage. Get in touch with the insurance provider to know what is covered under insurance and what not. 

Contact representative 

No matter how much you have researched and checked about the vehicle transport company, it’s better to get in touch with the company’s representative to be certain that they’ll help you in shipping a non-running car. 

It is because not all transport companies agree to ship a non-running car. Consequently, it’s better to enquire about the same in advance. 

Prepare your car 

Once you book the best car shipping company for shipping your non-running car, you also need to prepare your car for shipping. No doubt that it is non-running still it needs some preparation before you hand it over to the drivers. 

Secure any loose parts or remove them from your vehicle. Also, remove the personal belongings from inside your car. The transport company will not be responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings. 

Wrapping Up 

Shipping a non-running car requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By following the above-stated tips in mind, you can easily choose the best car shipping company in USA  to ship your car. Reach out to our dedicated team of professionals and experts to ship your non-running car safely. 

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