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How Much Will It Cost To Transport A Car From Boston To Florida?

Transporting the car from Boston to Florida can be daunting and financially impactful for you. It is because shipping a car from one state to another such as from Boston to the sunny shores of Florida involves plenty of factors. 

Its easy for auto transport companies to give a ballpark figure when asked about the cost of transporting a car from Boston to Florida. The price per mile at present is $0.59 and the distance between Boston to Florida is around 1366 miles which equals $805. 

But this is only a rough estimate. If you want to know exactly how much transporting a car from Boston to Florida will cost you, then you need to request a quote from Transport Masters USA. 

Before you request a personalized quote, let’s have an understanding of the factors involved in determining the cost to transport a car from Boston to Florida. 

Factors Influencing The Transport Cost From Boston To Florida

Shipping distance 

One of the major factors impacting the car transport cost from Boston to Florida is the total shipping distance. It is obvious that the less the distance, the lesser will be the price, and vice versa. But the distance between Boston and Florida is quite large, 1366 Miles which means that the cost will be higher compared to others. 

Vehicle size 

The auto transport service companies also take into account your vehicle’s size when determining the cost of transporting a car from Boston to Florida. For instance, if your vehicle is compact and short, it will require less space on the trailer and will have less cost. But if your vehicle is large and needs more space on the trailer, then the cost will be more. 

Transport method 

There are two ways to transport your vehicle from Boston to Florida. One is Open car transport and the other is enclosed car transport. Both transport methods are equally good but have a slight distinction between them. 

Open car transport is where your car will be loaded onto an open trailer which will be open from all ends. Despite being open, it is fully safe and causes no damage to the car during the relocation process. It is also cheap as it takes several vehicles in one go. 

Then there is enclosed car transport. As the name suggests, enclosed car transport is closed from all sides and takes only limited vehicles in one go. This method guarantees the utmost protection for your car during the relocation and is slightly expensive compared to open car transport. If you have a luxury vehicle and are worried about its safety, then you should opt for enclosed vehicle transport. 

Booking time 

The next crucial factor influencing the cost of transporting a car from Boston to Florida is the booking time. At what time of the year you are transporting your car from Boston to Florida can bring about a huge difference in your transport cost. 

The Summer season is the peak season when most people choose to transport their cars. It means that if you ship in the summer season, then be ready to pay a higher price for it. But you can for sure make significant savings if you choose to ship at other times of the year. 


There are two kinds of delivery methods to deliver your car safely. One is terminal-to-terminal shipping and the other is door-to-door shipping. The terminal-to-terminal shipping is to collect your vehicle from another terminal at the end of your journey and is usually cheap. 

But door-to-door shipping is where the drivers pick up the vehicle from your current location and deliver it to your doorstep. Choosing door-to-door shipping prevents you from the hassle of coming to a location to pick up your vehicle but also costs you more. 

Consequently, it is advisable to keep your budget and other things in mind when choosing the delivery method for your car. 

Fuel prices

The one factor influencing the car transport cost from Boston to Florida that is beyond your control is fuel prices. If you feel that the prices of fuel are high when you are transporting your car, it’s better to wait for some time until the fuel prices come down to make some savings. 

Vehicle’s condition 

If your vehicle is in moving condition and has everything in place, then you can expect the transport cost from Boston to Florida to normal. But if your vehicle is in inoperable condition, the prices are bound to be high because the drivers will need to struggle to load your car onto the carrier. Sometimes, specialized equipment is also used to load your vehicle safely onto the trailer due to which, the prices increase. 

Get A Custom Quote From Boston To Florida now!

Now that you have an understanding of all the factors impacting your auto transport services cost from Boston to Florida, so what are you waiting for next? Visit our website and request a custom quote from Boston to Florida for your car right away. 

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