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How Much Does It take To Ship A Car From los Angeles To Houston

There are plenty of reasons why you might be looking forward to shipping your car from Los Angeles to Houston. It might be relocation or you have purchased a car from someone you know in Los Angeles. 

Another reason for moving to Houston can also be to import a car Internationally. No matter what the reason, you must be having a lot of questions in your mind regarding the car shipping from Los Angeles to Houston. 

Before you decide how to take your car to Houston, read this article on shipping a car from Los Angeles to Houston. 

Why Should You Consider Shipping Your Car From LA To Houston? 

Time-saving and convenient 

Driving a car from Los Angeles to Houston is a long distance that can take days. Shipping your car allows you to save time and avoid putting unnecessary mileage on your vehicle. This is particularly beneficial if you have a tight schedule or want to ensure your vehicle arrives promptly.

Saves additional costs 

You need not think about the additional car shipping costs when shipping a car from Los Angeles to Houston. Contrary to this, if you consider driving your car on your own to Houston, then it involves additional costs such as food, drinks, accommodation, and other inevitable expenses. But this is different with car shipping. Car shipping costs include everything and will save these costs of yours. 

Transport Options

Car shipping services offer various transport methods, such as open or enclosed carriers, depending on your preferences and budget. Enclosed carriers provide additional protection against weather conditions and road debris compared to open car transport. 

Door-to-door shipping 

Another advantage for you choosing to ship your car from Los Angeles to Houston is that Transport Masters USA provides the option of door-to-door shipping. Transport Master USA’s drivers deliver your vehicle close to your home and prevent you from having the hassle of arriving to pick up your car. 

Safe and secure 

Car shipping companies use specialized carriers and equipment to transport vehicles securely. This minimizes the risk of damage or theft compared to driving through different terrains and unfamiliar areas.

How Much Are The Car Shipping Costs From Los Angeles To Houston? 

The most important thing that matters the most for people is- how much it costs to ship a car from LA to Houston. The cost of shipping a car from Los Angeles to Houston varies greatly due to a range of factors. 

Here’s an overview of the factors impacting the car shipping cost from Los Angeles to Houston. 


The distance between the pickup and delivery locations is the first factor that influences car shipping cost. Shipping a car over a longer distance typically incurs higher costs.

Vehicle Size and Weight

Larger and heavier vehicles require more space and may incur higher costs due to the impact on fuel efficiency and carrier capacity.

Time of Year

Seasonal fluctuations can influence prices. Winter months may see higher costs due to weather-related challenges, while off-peak seasons may offer more competitive rates.

Pickup and Delivery Options

Door-to-door service is convenient but may be more expensive than terminal-to-terminal service, where you drop off and pick up your vehicle at specified locations.

Wrapping up

Shipping a car from Los Angeles to Houston is the most convenient and best way to transport your car. From consultation to delivery, Transport Masters USA shipping advisors are in touch with you and send you regular updates regarding your precious possession. Choose the transport method that suits you the best and leave everything else to us. 

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