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How much does enclosed car shipping service costs?

Buying a luxury or classic car involves a significant amount of investment. Years of planning and financial management go into buying the car of your dreams. But maintaining it throughout is tough, especially if you need to relocate to another state or city. 

Transporting your classic car to a distant city or state can be worrisome for you as you’ll be worried about its safety during relocation. Fortunately, you need not worry anymore as enclosed car transport is the perfect transport method to ship your classic car. 

Compared to other transport methods, enclosed car transport is safe and protects your car throughout the relocation. But how much does enclosed car shipping cost? 

If you are also looking for an answer to the above question, then we have got you back. Let’s learn in-depth about enclosed car shipping and how much it costs in the outlined post. 

Enclosed Car Shipping

One of the most popular and secure options for shipping a car is enclosed car shipping. With this type of service, your car is transported in a fully enclosed trailer, which offers added protection from the elements and road debris. 

Enclosed car shipping is often used for high-end or classic cars, but it can also be a good choice for anyone who wants peace of mind during the shipping process.

Factors Affecting The Enclosed Car Shipping Costs 

As such, there is no fixed estimate of enclosed car transport service as it varies greatly from person to person and their requirements. Compared to open car transport, enclosed car transport service is a bit costly due to the added protection it offers. 

Moreover, the cost of enclosed car shipping will depend on several factors, including:

Shipping Distance 

Distance is the primary factor affecting the enclosed car shipping cost. If your preferred destination is quite far from your current location, it is obvious that the enclosed car transport service will cost you more and vice versa. 

Size of the Car

Another factor amounting to enclosed car shipping costs is the size of your car. If you have a luxury car that is quite big enough, then enclosed car shipping will cost you more and vice versa. 


Route here is the highways and the roads to be traveled to ship your car to your preferred destination. If the route involves going through highly populated areas, then the cost will be more and vice versa. It is because it will increase the transport time. 

Shipping date 

Do you want your car to be delivered at the earliest or you are comfortable with the delivery stated by our drivers also decide the enclosed car shipping costs. The more early delivery you expect, the more will be the cost and vice versa. Consequently, it’s always said to book enclosed car shipping well in advance to avoid additional expenses. 

Weather conditions 

Weather conditions can also impact the cost of shipping. The enclosed car transport service will cost you more during the winter and peak season as shipping a car requires extra effort during these times. 

Type of Enclosed Trailer

The type of enclosed trailer used for shipping will also affect the cost. Some trailers may be more expensive than others due to their features or construction. Consequently, if you feel that enclosed car shipping is expensive, then choose the trailer accordingly as per your budget. 

Average Cost of Enclosed Car Shipping

The average cost of enclosed car shipping can range from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the factors listed above. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate, and the actual cost will vary depending on your specific situation. You can use our online shipping cost calculator to get a personalized car shipping quote. 

Why Enclosed Car Transport Is Expensive? 

Enclosed car transport is a costly transport method compared to open car transport. Here are some of the reasons stated below for the same. 

Limited vehicles 

Unlike open car transport, enclosed car carriers do not transport multiple cars in one go. Only 2-3 vehicles are transported at a time in enclosed carriers which in turn adds to its overall cost. 

Extra protection 

Enclosed car transport service is also expensive because of the added protection it offers. The enclosed car carriers are closed from all ends and offer full protection to your car. Be it accidental damages or outside elements such as dirt, or rough weather, your car is fully protected in enclosed car shipping. 

When To Book An Enclosed Car Transport Service? 

Whether to book open or enclosed car transport for shipping a car is also the confusion prevailing in the minds of many people. Enclosed car shipping would be the best for you if you have: 

  • Sports car 
  • Luxury or classic car
  • Vintage car


Enclosed car shipping is a safe and secure option for shipping your car, but it does come with a higher cost than other types of shipping services. By understanding the factors that impact the cost of enclosed car shipping, you can make an informed decision about whats best for you and your car. 

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