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How Much Does A Car Transport Service Cost?

Owning and having a car seems like a blessing initially as it is easy to move from one place to another but when it comes to traveling to another state or country by driving on your own, traveling feels like a headache. 

Driving on your own is not only time-consuming but also sucks all your energy and tires you to the fullest. Thankfully, with the advent of the car transport service, you no longer need to drive alone. 

But the major concern of people when booking vehicle transport services costs. How much a car transport service cost is a major question in the minds of people, especially those who are shopping for their car for the very first time. 

Consequently, if you are also looking for an answer to the question, then we have got you covered. Let us have a sneak peek into the car transport service costs in the post outlined below. 

What Is A Car Transport Service? 

Whether you are shifting permanently to another state or merely going on vacation for some days, having a car is a must. Fortunately, you can now easily take your cars along with you wherever you go with the help of a car transport service. 

A car transport service refers to a service that ships your car from one location to another. There are three methods of getting your car shipped which include open, enclosed, and door-to-door transport. 

Car Transport Service Costs 

Car transport service costs are not fixed and vary greatly depending on a range of factors. The less the shipping distance, the lesser will be the car transport service costs, and vice versa. 

Calculating car transport costs has become much easier now than before and all thanks to the online shipping cost calculator. Fill in the details and get your personalized car shipping quote. 

Factors Affecting The Car Transport Service Costs 

There are plenty of factors that go into determining the car transport service costs such as location, distance, vehicle’s condition, route, make and model of vehicle and the list goes on. 

Here’s an overview of the factors that impact vehicle transport service costs. 


How much is the total shipping distance is the primary factor impacting the cost of vehicle transport services? It is obvious that more the distance, the more will be the vehicle transport costs and vice versa. 

Our online shipping cost calculator will let you know your total cost in accordance with the total shipping distance. 

Shipping date

When you book the car transport service also accounts for determining car transport costs. It’s highly advisable to book your car shipping in advance as this will get you the best price. Otherwise, if you book on time and need car transport on an urgent basis, then the costs will be high. 

You can also lower your car shipping costs by being flexible when it comes to car pick-up dates. 

Transport method 

There are three transport methods which include open, enclosed, and door-to-door car transport. The much sought-after transport method is open car transport as it is best for shipping standard cars and is also the cheapest. 

But if you own a luxury car and are worried about any accidental damages caused to your car during relocation, then enclosed car transport would work best for you. It is closed from all ends and offers maximum protection to your car. But it is expensive. 

Door-to-door shipping is also good as it ships your car without bothering your daily schedule and delivers your car to your doorstep. What transport method you choose from all these determines your car transport costs. 

Vehicle’s condition

Another factor that plays a significant role in deciding the vehicle transport service costs is the vehicle’s condition. Having a car in good overall condition can turn out to be economical for you. 

But a car with the bad condition, poor brakes, and other damages will require the vehicle transport services to make desired arrangements which in turn will increase the car transport costs. 

Shipping route 

Most people confuse shipping routes and distances to be the same but both are different and have different impacts on car shipping costs. The route is a pathway that will be traveled to ship your car and deliver it safely to your preferred location. 

Shipping the car to highly populated areas can lead to traffic congestion which can not only increase the car shipping costs but also make the car delivery late. Besides this, adverse weather, road construction, and other such route considerations can also affect the cost. 

Vehicle specifications 

The vehicle transport services also take into account your vehicle’s specifications when giving you an estimate of overall car shipping costs. The vehicle’s specifications include the make and model of the vehicle, ground clearance, and size of the vehicle. 

Our drivers need to have clear information regarding the size of your vehicle whether it is light or heavy, longer or shorter as this might increase the vehicle transport costs to some extent. 

Likewise, if your vehicle has low ground clearance, it requires special attention which in turn might increase the cost of car shipping slightly. 


Besides the ones above mentioned, the car shipping costs also depend on the season you choose to ship your car. For instance, if you book our car transport service in the winter season to ship your car to the warmer states, then the cost will be high and vice versa. 

Wrapping Up

All the above-mentioned factors together decide the overall car shipping cost. In addition to the ones mentioned above, if the car transport service is offering you insurance coverage, then the car shipping costs will include its charges too. Use Transport Masters USA online shipping cost calculator to calculate the car transport service cost. How much does a car transport service cost?

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