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How Much Does A Car Transport Service Cost For Dealers

Without any doubt, price is the major concern for people when looking to buy a new car. Mostly one tends to get the best deal in another state. The best way for the dealer to grow his car-buying public is by offering a car transport service. 

With more and more people shopping for cars online, offering your customers to transport their car to their preferred location is great. Consequently, if you are also a dealer and looking for the same, then we have got you covered. 

Partnering with auto transport companies is the best way to transport a car to another’s location. But the question is- How much do car transport companies charge for transporting a car from one location to another? 

Let’s have an insight into the car transport service cost for the dealerships out there in the post outlined below. 

Dealer Auto Transport 

Dealer auto transport refers to new cars from the manufacturer which tend to come via the manufacturer’s shipping service. But the dealers may need to book the car transport service if they need to ship a car to another dealer or a customer’s home. 

Should Dealers Book A Car Shipping Company For Transporting Their Cars? 

Most of the dealers are in confusion regarding whether they should book the car shipping company or not for shipping their car. Hiring an experienced car shipping company like Transport Masters USA makes things for you. 

Here are some other benefits of choosing a car shipping company. 

Minimizes risk 

The foremost benefit of shipping a car under the expert guidance of a car shipping company is that it minimizes the risk and keeps your vehicle safe during relocation. Your car will be delivered securely to your preferred destination and that too within time. 

Customized services 

Another benefit is that you get to choose from a variety of vehicle transport services and can also customize the services depending on your unique needs and requirements. 

Insurance coverage 

Not everyone has insurance for their car due to this, they run a high risk when shipping their cars. But not anymore as Transport Masters USA provides you with full insurance coverage. 

Smooth car shipping experience 

The biggest advantage of hiring an auto transport company is that it will result in a smooth car shipping experience. You don’t have to worry about anything as the car shipping company will plan your car shipping from start to finish. 

How Much Does A Car Transport Service Cost For A Dealer?

Precisely, nothing can be said about the car transport service cost as it varies from person to person. Moreover, there are plenty of factors that play a crucial role in determining the car transport cost. Let’s take note of the factors influencing the car shipping costs for the dealers. 

Shipping distance 

The most obvious factor is the shipping distance. The more the shipping distance, the more will be the cost, and vice versa. But the cost per mile will vary depending on the vehicle transport company you choose. 

You can expect to save some money if the carrier is covering more grounds in a day because it will lower the per-mile rate for you and make car shipping turn economical for you. 

Vehicle’s size 

The size of the vehicle also affects the cars shipping costs. The larger and big vehicles will cost more compared to the smaller ones as heavy vehicles are more weight. 

If you have a heavy vehicle or are shipping multiple cars, its better to ask the shipping advisors for discounts. 

Booking time 

At what time of the year you are booking the shipping company also determines your car shipping cost. The car transport costs will be more during the peak seasons as the transport companies are busy at that time and the availability of carriers is also less. 

Likewise, booking car transport companies can winter can also increase car shipping costs because of the weather. Consequently, its best to book during summer as the prices will be less. 

Transport method 

Transport Masters USA offers both open and enclosed car transport methods to choose from. Open car transport is open from all ends and is also less expensive because the carriers carry multiple vehicles in one go. 

But enclosed car transport is expensive as it offers added protection to your car and safeguards it from outside elements such as dirt, dust, and rough weather. Enclosed car transport is best when shipping luxury or classic cars. 

Running car or not 

No doubt that non-running cars can also be shipped but it usually costs more than shipping the running car. It is because loading the non-running car onto the trailer and keeping a check on it during the relocation becomes difficult. 

Wrapping Up

Consequently, all these factors account for calculating the car shipping costs for the dealers. Its best to reach out to Transport Masters USA shipping advisors to get a personalized car shipping quote and finalize the other things. 

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