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How long does a car transport service takes?

Are you a first-time shipper? If this is so, then it is obvious to have plenty of questions running through your mind. Is it safe to trust a car transport service for shipping a car? Which will be the best transport method to ship a car? How much car transport service will cost? 

Having all these questions is obvious. But besides this, people also ask- How long will car shipping take? Before shipping their car, people are curious to know when their car will be delivered and how much time it will take. 

Consequently, we have come up with this post to help you with car shipping. Here’s How long will the car transport service take? 

Factors affecting the car shipping delivery 

As such, there is no fixed time regarding when your car will be delivered as it varies from car to car and which transport method have you opted for. Consequently, here are the factors affecting the time to ship a car to your preferred location. 

Shipping distance 

How long does car transport service takes depends on the shipping distance. Shipping distance refers to the distance between the pickup and delivery location. The more the shipping distance, the more will be the time to deliver your car and vice versa. 

For instance, you cannot expect your car to be delivered in merely 2 days if you are shipping it from New York to California as the total distance is around 2900 miles. 


The next factor affecting the time taken to deliver your car is the season. In which season you are planning to ship your car to your preferred location also impacts the car’s delivery. For instance, if you book car shipping during peak season, then it is obvious that it will take more time as more trucks are traveling at that time. 

But if you are shipping your car in a season when there’s less demand, then you can expect your car to be delivered in a minimum time. 

Transport method 

Whether you have opted for open carrier or enclosed car transport also determines when your car will be delivered to you. Out of both the transport methods available, it is the open car transport which is the fastest way to ship your car. 

Moreover, booking open car transport is also easy and fast. But if you choose enclosed car transport to ship your car, then your car delivery might take some time due to the time and money involved in arranging enclosed car carriers. 

Car’s condition 

Your car’s overall condition also plays a huge role in determining how long the car shipping will take. By this, we mean that before shipping, ensure that your car is in good working condition. 

It should be thoroughly cleaned from inside and out so that the driver would not face any troubles while driving and shipping your car. If your car’s condition is good, it would take less time to deliver it to your location and vice versa. 

Road conditions 

Road conditions also impact the time taken to deliver your car to your preferred location. Nothing can be said about the road conditions as these are very much unpredictable. If the shipping route has roads that have temporary detours or traffic jams, the car delivery is bound to get delayed. 

But if the shipping route is smooth and the road conditions are sound, then you can get your car delivered even before time or on time. 

Pick-up and delivery locations 

Another factor that you should take into account is pick-up and delivery locations. Compared to rural locations, locations in metropolitan areas are easy to track by car shipping companies. 

Car shipping will not take much time if a carrier only has to go through highways and interstates. Otherwise, if the shipping route is such that one has to pass from hard-to-reach areas or deviate from the main route. It eventually increases the delivery time frame and takes longer than usual to deliver your car.

Weather conditions 

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, weather conditions can also hamper your car shipping delivery time. The car’s delivery is bound to get if there is snow, thunderstorm, rain, hail, and strong winds as these naturally increase the driving time. 

Such severe weather conditions persuade drivers to drive slowly keeping in mind the safety of their vehicle. Consequently, weather conditions also decide the delivery time frame to an extent. 

Number of stoppages 

Shipping a car to far-away cities or states means hours of traveling. This can sometimes mean days of traveling if the location is too far. When the shipping distance is quite much, it is not possible for drivers to drive at a stretch and they are bound to take some stoppages in between. 

Apart from this, the extra stops can also be because a carrier ships multiple cars in one and have to stop to take another car. Consequently, the more the number of stoppages, the more will be transit time, and vice versa. 

Wrapping Up

By now, you must have come to know about the factors that impact the time taken to deliver your car to your preferred location. Rest, it’s better to ask your car shipping company regarding the delivery time frame. Choose the best car shipping company- Transport Masters USA to get your car delivered on time. 


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