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Everything You Need To Know About Military Car Shipping Services

Military relocation is not easy and disrupts your life for a time. This sounds even more difficult when your next station is overseas like Alaska or Hawaii. Moreover, one never knows when they’ll receive permanent change of station orders (PCS). 

Receiving the PCS orders is not the only concern for the military personnel but also the tight turnaround requirements that come with it. Fortunately, you can make things easy for yourself by booking expert and renowned military car shipping services. 

Military car transport companies have been doing this for years and can help you ship your car at the earliest possible so that you can join your next station on time. But before you go ahead to book military car shipping services, ensure to learn everything concerning it and then decide. 

Consequently, let us have an insight into the military car shipping services in the post outlined below. 

Military Car Shipping 

The military car shipping service is specifically meant for active and retired military personnel who received their Permanent change of station (PCS) orders and are expected to join the next duty station at the earliest.

As PCS moves are long distances, it is not possible to drive on your own and join the next duty station in minimal time. Consequently, you can book the military car shipping services as they are familiar with the tight turnaround requirements and accordingly ship your car at the earliest. 

How Does Military Car Shipping Work? 

Military car shipping service is entitled to active military members only who have received permanent change of station orders and are assigned a new duty station. The government is in charge of covering the cost of one privately owned vehicle upon receiving the PCS order. 

But in case, you have more than one vehicle to ship to a new duty station, then you need to pay extra for the vehicle. You can also seek a military discount for shipping your car based on market fluctuations and the total shipping distance. 

Benefits Of Military Car Shipping Service 

There are military personnel who are confused about whether they should book the military car shipping service or not. Consequently, here are the benefits of military car shipping services: 

Military discounts 

Booking a military car shipping service will get you special military discounts. We provide discounts for active military personnel, national guard, veterans, military dependents, and reserves. Its a gesture to say thanks to the brave Military personnel who work tirelessly to protect our country. 

Additional baggage 

Another significant advantage of military car shipping service is the provision of additional baggage. We allow military personnel to ship their car along with their baggage at no additional cost. Military personnel is allowed to ship their items weighing up to 100 lbs at no cost. 

Safe and secure 

Above all, the military car shipping service is highly safe and secure. Transport Masters USA has a network of thousand-plus carriers who are fully professional, trustworthy, and qualified to deliver your car safely. Consequently, military car shipping service is highly safe and secure. 

How Much Does Military Car Shipping Service Costs? 

Moving to another state or country is never easy and is also expensive. But if you are an active military member who has received a PCS order recently, then you might ship your one privately owned vehicle for free as it comes at the government’s expense. 

But if there are additional vehicles you need to ship, then you need to pay out of your pocket but you can avail of the military discount. As such, there is no fixed military car shipping cost as it varies from personnel to personnel. 

Moreover, a lot of factors go into determining the actual military car shipping cost. The factors that decide the military car shipping cost include:

  • The making and model of the vehicle 
  • Distance traveled
  • Estimated delivery
  • Shipping distance
  • Transport method
  • Vehicle’s condition
  • Location
  • Time

All these factors together decide the overall military car transport cost. You can get your personalized price quote using Transport Masters USAs online shipping cost calculator. 

How To Prepare Your Car For POV Shipment?

The requirements to ship your military vehicle are the same as other vehicles. The only difference is in the unique circumstances of the military personnels life. Consequently, here is a checklist to help you prepare your vehicle before shipping it to the next station. 

  • Look for scratches, dents, or any other damage
  • Remove valuable items and personal belongings from your car
  • Look for mechanical issues or any other leakages
  • Deep clean your car from the inside and outside
  • Reduce gas to a minimum 

In addition to this, you also have to be ready with your military ID card when getting your vehicle shipped via military car shipping service. 

Another thing to take note of when preparing your car is to start planning early. Try to arrange the shipment as early as possible to avoid last-minute chaos and get the delivery on time. 

Wrapping Up

No doubt that relocation can be stressful and overwhelming but trusting the military car shipping service will make things easy for you. Reach out to the experts at Transport Masters USA to schedule your shipment and deliver your car on time. 

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