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Everything You Need To Know About Car Shipping Insurance

Whether you are relocating, heading south for the winter, or merely going to attend a business meeting, you need to relocate your car. Transporting your car on your own by driving it is not a reliable option especially when you are running short of time. 

Consequently, the best option for you to transport your car is to book a car transport company. The car shipping companies have a smooth and straightforward process and also plan the entire car shipping for you from scratch till the end. 

Your car is your most valuable possession, it is crucial to book a reputable and renowned car shipping company to ship your car safely and also give you peace of mind. But merely choosing the best car shipping company does not take away all your worries. 

You also need to check the insurance coverage provided by the company. So, here’s everything you need to know about car shipping insurance. 

Auto Transport Insurance Requirements 

It is crucial to check if an auto transport company offers car shipping insurance legally or not. Auto transport companies should have a valid Motor carrier number with the Department of Transportation. 

Besides this, also check the amount of car shipping insurance coverage provided by the company. It is because most car shipping insurance falls short of the actual value of your car. 

Some crucial questions to ask the car shipping company before booking car shipping with them are: 

  • Deductible if any 
  • Deductible for damage claims 
  • Damaged covered under insurance 
  • Insurance limit 
  • Parts of the car covered 
  • Any additional coverage 

Tips For Car Shipping Insurance 

There are a few things you need to ensure to ensure that the car shipping process remains smooth and hassle-free for you once you have chosen the car shipping company. 

Ask for Insurance proof 

Once you have decided to go ahead with an auto shipping services company, the next thing you need to do is to ask the company to show you the proof of insurance. If the company denies showing you the proof, consider this as a red flag and look for other companies. Also, ask questions about the car shipping insurance policy if any. 

Get in written 

Do not blindly trust whatever the company says to you and ask for everything in writing. Having everything in writing will safeguard you against any damage happening to your car during transportation. 

This becomes all the more important if the company commits to you regarding something or agrees to something. 

Take out your belongings 

As such, there is no risk of damage being caused to your car’s interior. Still, it is best to take out all your personal belongings from your car when shipping. Make sure there are no electronics, coats, jackets, or any money in the car. 

Doing so reduces the risk of any damage to your car and also removes any temptation for thieves to break into your car. 

Perform an inspection 

Make sure to inspect your car closely before handing it over to the driver. The driver will also take note of the original condition of your car while taking it for shipping. You can also take photographs of your car to make a clear distinction between before and after the condition of your car. 

Bill of Lading 

You also need to check the condition of your car upon the final delivery of your vehicle against the Bill of Lading and record if any damage has been made. If you want to file a claim against the damage caused to your car during transportation, make sure to provide detailed documentation for the same. 

How To File A Claim In Case Of Damage? 

No doubt that it is a rare condition that damage can happen during the vehicle relocation service. Still, if you find that some damage has been caused to your car, then make sure to file a claim. 

When you have filed a claim for the damage brought to your car, the before and after condition of your vehicle will be evaluated and accordingly it will be made out if you’ll be given the claim or not. 

A thorough inspection of your car will also be done by both you and your driver when picking up your car and delivering it to your location. 

Wrapping Up

By now, you must have gained in-depth knowledge about car shipping insurance and what you need to ask the company. So what are you waiting for now? Book Transport Masters USA and get extensive insurance coverage to be at peace. 

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