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Does weather affects vehicle transport services?

Enquiring vehicle transport services about the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle is obvious when you are transporting a car to another state or location. But guaranteeing an exact delivery date and time becomes difficult for vehicle transport services. 

It is because of the plenty of things involved in shipping a car. This is why, vehicle transport services only give you an estimate of when your car will be delivered instead of giving you the exact date and time. 

Out of all the factors affecting car shipping, it is the weather that affects car shipping the most as it is unpredictable. The weather happens to be the most important factor when shipping your car to another state. 

Let’s have an insight into how weather affects car shipping and how to minimize its impact. 

Severe Weather Conditions 

The severe weather conditions can spell trouble for the vehicle transport services to safely transport your vehicle and deliver it on time. The more severe the weather, the more difficult it will be to move your vehicle across the country. 

Here are some severe weather conditions that can make car shipping difficult. 


Transporting your car in the chilling winter season when the road is covered with snow can make it difficult for auto transport services to transport your car. The roads covered with snow and ice make driving difficult for drivers and thereby increasing the risk of accidental damages. 

Hurricanes and storms 

The next severe weather condition affecting the car transport service adversely is hurricanes and storms. Hurricanes and storms are severe but these can be caught early. Using advanced technology, the information can be easily passed on to the drivers so that they can plan their routes accordingly. 

Tips To Safeguard Your Vehicle In Severe Weather Conditions 

No doubt that weather is unpredictable and severe weather conditions can expose your car to high risk but there are some ways, using which, you can lessen the impact of the car shipping. 

Here are a few things to do to make sure that the weather does not adversely affect your vehicle during the relocation. 


Research is the primary thing you need to do to safeguard your vehicle against severe weather conditions. Research and figure out the weather in the region where you are planning to transport your vehicle. 

If you find unpleasant weather conditions, then figure out the right time to ship your car and wait for the right time. Usually, the northeastern area of the United States is more prone to snow. 

In addition to this, there is also a hovering risk of hurricanes in the United States. Consequently, research the weather conditions first before shipping your car. 

The right time to ship

The next tip to ensure your car is thoroughly protected during the relocation from harsh weather is to check the right time to ship. The best way forward would be to avoid shipping your car during months that are prone to bad weather. 

For instance, the northern part of the United States is widely known for its bad weather. It would be best if you avoid shipping a car in the winter months. Better wait for the ideal time to ship your car instead of exposing your car to risk. 

Choose between open and enclosed

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you also need to choose between open and enclosed car shipping. Open and enclosed car transport are two primary transport methods used to transport your car to your preferred location. 

Most people choose open car transport as their transport method as it is economical and easy for people to afford. Enclosed car transport is for those people who have luxury or classic cars as enclosed car transport is safe and closed from all ends. 

It offers complete protection for people’s cars. But which one to choose from the two transport methods depends on the time of the year in which you are shipping your vehicle and also the kind of vehicle you are shipping. 

What Is The Best Time To Ship Your Car? 

The most common doubt in the minds of people regarding car shipping is whether to ship a car in summer or winter. Here’s what shipping your car in both winter and summer means. 

Shipping your car in winter

Shipping your car in winter can turn out to be economical for you. The prices of car shipping are quite low in winter as the demand is less. It means that if you have a tight budget, then it is the right time for you to ship your car. 

Shipping your car in the summer 

Shipping your car in the summer is considered the ideal time to ship your car as there is less severe weather during summers which makes it easy for drivers to deliver your car on time and safely. But as it is the peak season, so you can expect the car shipping to be somewhat costly. 

Wrapping Up

Keeping in mind the things stated above, you can ship your vehicle easily during the winter months. Above all, choose the best car shipping company- Transport Masters USA to ship your car. Reach out to our dedicated professionals if you have any queries. 

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