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Cost-Saving Tips For Shipping Multiple Cars

Shipping a car from one country to another country has become an easy job for many people out there and all thanks to the advent of car transport companies. You can be at peace and carefree while the car shipping company will safely deliver your car within the said time at your location. 

But what if you have multiple cars and you want to ship all of them? Shipping multiple cars is not easy and involves plenty of things to consider before you begin planning for shipping multiple cars. 

The research states that nearly 22.1% of the households own two or three cars due to which, more people are going to need the car shipping service for shipping multiple cars. Consequently, let us know more about shipping multiple cars and how you can save money from it. 

Is It Economical To Ship Multiple Cars? 

The chances are that you’ll get a discount from the car shipping company when you are shipping multiple cars in one go. It is because it will be more efficient for the carriers to ship multiple vehicles at one time. 

Instead of making several trips to the same location to deliver your cars, the carrier will now need to make only one trip and deliver all cars at the same time. Consequently, this will not only save you money but also time. 

Make sure to ask the car transport company if they are offering discounts on multiple-car shipping or not as every company has its pricing plans and procedure. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Multiple Cars In One Go? 

As such, there is no fixed cost of shipping multiple cars as this varies from person to person. Moreover, there are plenty of factors affecting the car shipping cost. Let’s take note of all those factors here. 

Number of cars- The primary factor affecting the car shipping cost is the number of cars you want to ship. The higher the number of cars, the more will be the car shipping cost and vice versa. 

Make and model of cars- The make and model of cars are also taken into account when giving you an estimate of car shipping cost. If the cars are heavy and difficult to ship, it is likely to cost you more compared to the light car models. 

Condition of cars- If all the vehicles are in working condition, then you can expect the cost to be somewhat less. But if the vehicles are stationary and not moving, then it may require the company to use specialized equipment for loading and unloading the cars due to which, the car shipping cost will be more. 

Transport method- Whether you choose to ship multiple cars in open or enclosed car transport service also determines the car shipping cost. The open car transport method is less expensive as it is open from all ends. But if you choose enclosed car transport, then the car shipping cost will be more as it takes extra charge for providing utmost protection to your car. 

Shipping distance- The distance between the pick-up and delivery location is the next major factor impacting the car shipping cost. The more the distance, the more will be the car shipping cost and vice versa. 

Season- In which season you are shipping your cars also matters in car shipping. Be ready to pay somewhat extra if you are shipping your cars in the summer because it is the peak season and prices are mostly high in summer. 

Perks Of Shipping Multiple Cars 

Economical- The most significant benefit of shipping multiple cars is that it saves you costs. Instead of shipping your cars at different times with a different car shipping company, it will be much more beneficial to ship multiple cars by the same company and get a discount. Doing so will make car shipping sound economical to you. 

Convenient- Shipping multiple cars at the same time is also convenient. The scheduling process is simple and you are also at peace knowing that all the vehicles will be delivered to you at the same time. 

Saves time- You also get to save much of your time by shipping multiple cars at the same time which would otherwise go to waste if you ship all the cars at separate times. 

Ship Multiple Cars With Transport Masters USA now!

Now that you know what it is like to ship multiple cars at the same time, why waste any more time? Connect with experienced shipping advisors and professionals at Transport Masters USA and plan to ship your car. You can also get a personalized quote for multiple cars using our shipping cost calculator. 

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