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Budget-Friendly Car Shipping: How to Ship Your Car Without Breaking the Bank

Do you have a tight budget but want to ship your car to another location? Having a tight budget puts people in doubt if they can afford car shipping or not. But no matter what, you have to book car shipping as it is difficult to drive the car on your own, and that too for such long distances. 

Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about car shipping as you can ship your car within limited means also. Keeping in mind certain things will help you to ship your car economically. 


For instance, booking in advance and being flexible with the pick-up and delivery options is the best way to lower car shipping costs and save some money. Likewise, there are plenty of different ways using which you can ship your car without breaking the bank. 

How To Ship A Car Economically? 

Shipping a car is a stressful experience, especially for the ones who are shipping a car for the first time. It becomes, even more, stressful when you have a tight budget but need your vehicle to be delivered quickly. 

Consequently, we have come up with some tips with which, you can ship your car economically. Let’s get started then. 

Booking in advance 

The primary thing that will help you to save your money is booking in advance. Booking on the spur of the moment will always cost you more and be an expensive affair for you. But thankfully, you can save your money by booking prior. 

When you book the car shipping in advance, it gives plenty of time to the car shipping company and its professionals to schedule the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. Moreover, it takes time to arrange the carrier also. 

But if you ask the car transport company to arrange your car shipping instantly, they might demand more charges from you than usual. Consequently, it is advised to book your car shipping in advance so that the car shipping company can take their time to plan your shipment. 

Choosing open car transport 

Due to the availability of two transport methods to ship your car, there exists confusion in the minds of people about which one to opt for and which one to leave. Both transport methods are good enough to transport your car safely to the preferred location but with a slight difference. 

There are open and enclosed car transport methods used to transport your car. Open car transport as the name indicates, is open from all ends and can ship multiple cars at once. Most importantly, it is economical. 

Enclosed car transport is the complete opposite of it. Enclosed car transport is closed from all four sides and thereby offers maximum protection to your car. But due to the added protection, it offers, it is a bit expensive from open car transport. 

Consequently, it’s best to choose open car transport if you have a tight budget and want to ship your car economically. 

Enquire about discounts or offers 

The next best way to afford car shipping is to enquire about the discounts or offers available. As there are plenty of car shipping companies, they keep on introducing new offers and discounts from time to time to get the most number of bookings and perform better than their competitors. 

Nearly all car shipping companies have discounts for both retired and active military professionals and also for college students. But if you don’t come under both these categories, then it’s better to ask the company about the same before booking your car shipping. 

Be flexible 

You can also save money on car shipping by being flexible as far as pick-up and delivery are concerned. What we mean by being flexible is that you choose to go with the pick-up and delivery as scheduled by the car shipping company or drivers. 

The vehicle transport services may charge more from you if you insist they deliver your car at your said slot. Consequently, you can expect the car shipping cost to lower if you are flexible with the car shipping company. 

Book in off-season 

If you have a tight budget and want to book car shipping, then never book in peak season. Booking car shipping in peak season will always cost you more. The key is to book in the off-season when there’s no rush for car shipping. 

Booking in the off-season will cost you less and will also get your car delivered on time. Consequently, bear this in mind when planning to ship your car

Factors Affecting Car Shipping 

Are you curious to know how the best car shipping company decides the car shipping cost? The car shipping cost is not fixed and varies greatly depending on a range of factors. Here are some of the factors that determine the car shipping cost: 

  • Size and weight of the vehicle 
  • Make and model of vehicle 
  • Transport method you choose
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Shipping distance 
  • Pick-up and delivery date
  • Weather conditions 

Wrapping Up

Taking note of the above-mentioned things, you can easily afford car shipping for yourself even if you have a tight budget. Feel free to get a personalized car shipping quote from Transport Masters USA using its online car shipping calculator. Book Transport Masters USA. 

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