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8 Questions To Ask Car Transport Companies For A Seamless Experience

Undoubtedly, the advent of car transport companies has made it easy for people to relocate their cars to the following location. But with the availability of multiple car shipping companies, it has become difficult for people to decide which company to choose for their move. 

Moreover, the rise of fraudulent companies and scammers has worsened things for people. So, finding the best car shipping company is turning out to be challenging for people. 

Most of the time we are asked- What is the best way to find the right car shipping company? Research is the best way to find the right car shipping company. But research is not the only thing that’ll take you to the right car shipping company. There’s more to it. 

Consequently, here are some critical questions to ask the car shipping companies before you finalize the one for your move. 

Questions To Ask When Shipping A Car 

Company’s USDOT or MC’s Number 

The first question to ask the car transport company when shipping a car is their USDOT or MC number. You can find this by going to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Along with the USDOT or MC number, check the vehicle’s maintenance, unsafe driving details, number of accidents in the past, and driver infractions. 

From how many years, the company been in business? 

Ask the company about how many years of experience it has and how many years they are offering car shipping services as the more the experience, the better will be the transport experience. Moreover, more years of experience also indicates a good understanding of the ins and outs of car shipping and how to deal if something goes wrong during the relocation. 

What documents do you need?

The next crucial question to ask the car shipping companies is regarding the documents you’ll need. It is better to ask the company about all the paperwork in advance to prevent delays later on. Mostly, car shipping companies ask for registration, proof of insurance, title, and photo ID to ship your car to another location. 

How to prepare the car for shipping?

Before you ship your car, it is essential to prepare your car for shipping. The best way would be to ask the car shipping companies regarding how to prepare your car for shipping. The car shipping companies usually ask you to clean your car inside and out, take out personal belongings, and ensure that the gas tank is 1/4th full. You can ask the companies if there are any additional recommendations they would like you to abide by before handing over your car to them. 

How you will transport my car? 

The most important question to ask the car transport companies is how they will transport your car. You’ll be asked to choose from two methods of car shipping: Open carrier shipping and enclosed car transport

Open car shipping is a cost-effective option to ship your car but it does not completely protect your car from external elements such as dirt, and weather. For this, you can choose to go with enclosed car transport but this is slightly expensive. 

Which payment methods do car shipping companies accept? 

As far as payment is concerned, be wary of the car transport companies that ask for all of the upfront payment before shipping your car as the chances are that such companies are fraud and are only interested in your money. 

The genuine car transport companies will only ask you to deposit a partial money at the time of picking up your car and the rest amount will be taken after your car is delivered. 

Is it allowed to leave your personal things in the car? 

No doubt that like most people, you would like to keep your personal belongings in your car as it is convenient but car transport companies do not allow this as this is risky and there are higher chances of theft happening during the relocation. Fortunately, Transport Masters USA allows you to ship personal belongings weighing around 100 pounds secured in a box. 

Do you offer Insurance coverage? 

The next big question to ask car shipping companies is whether they provide insurance coverage or not. Most car shipping companies provide insurance coverage to cover even the slightest risk. Besides this, also check what is included in the insurance coverage and how to get its claim if the need arises. 

Wrapping Up

Asking these questions to the best car shipping company is a must to learn more about the company, how it works, and whether it is the right one for you or not. If you have any more questions apart from the ones mentioned above, feel free to reach out to Transport Masters USA’s shipping advisors to get their answers. 

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