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Shipping heavy equipment nationwide
May 1, 2022
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Shipping heavy equipment nationwide


Learning how to start shipping heavy equipment nationwide is very important and one of the crucial things you always want to take into consideration. The most important aspect when it comes to shipping equipment nationwide is that you need to work with a shipping business you can trust, which is reliable and very efficient. We are here to help you with all of that and so much more. The main focus is to make the heavy equipment shipping process fast, convenient and very reliable.


What does heavy equipment mean?

When you’re shipping heavy equipment nationwide, it’s a very good idea to understand what’s defined within this category. In general, heavy equipment is any type of machinery like excavators for example which is very large and hard to move around. The most important focus here is to understand that size can definitely be a major factor when you are shipping heavy equipment, and that can be a major factor to take into consideration.

Another thing to keep in mind is that aside from size, weight is also very important. Many shipping companies choose to charge based on the weight of the heavy equipment, and that’s certainly one of the major factors you have to keep in mind in a situation like this. Plus, the shipping distance can also increase the costs immensely as well. Which is why you always want to ensure that everything is shipped properly, so any additional shipping systems and protections will also add to the total costs. All these things are important, and that’s why you always want to be certain that you are getting a very good return on investment.


How much does it cost to perform shipping heavy equipment nationwide?

The shipping costs will always vary based on what item you need delivered and its size, weight, the shipping distance, but also the need for any additional security systems as well. The great thing about shipping heavy equipment nationwide is that you can ship pretty much any item. Our company has the best shipping systems to ensure that all your heavy equipment is shipped properly and at the best costs on the market. Not only will you get to save a lot of time, but the return on investment is always very good.

Which is why it’s a great idea to ship heavy equipment worldwide, and doing that can bring in front great potential. On top of that, you do need to make sure that you have all the necessary load assistance and additional permits. Depending on the distance, if it’s cross-states and so on, shipping costs can vary from $1000 to $150000 or even more.

The great thing about this process is that not only do you get to have everything shipped quickly, but you can also fully customize the shipping process too. Asking for a quote is extremely important, and that’s why it pays off to take your time and assess the entire situation wisely. It will help eliminate concerns, and doing that will also help prevent many possible issues that might arise.

Every shipping company can provide you with a quote before hiring their services. That’s why it’s a good idea to get in touch, since you will have a good understanding of the total costs and whether they can actively help you or not. It’s always a great idea to take your time, assess quotes and then see which option is the ideal one for you.


Is it safe to start shipping heavy equipment nationwide?

Heavy equipment is usually designed to take quite a bit of pressure and even some damage. These are machines that are sturdy and durable. Since they are not sensitive, you don’t always have to worry about them getting damaged in any way. Thankfully, shipping heavy equipment nationwide does involve the use of various equipment systems that will help protect your vehicle in an appropriate manner.

Generally, you will notice that shipping heavy equipment nationwide is safe and you can also include specialized safety measures as needed. Some machines will need that, and it makes sense to use those systems as much as possible, just to ensure everything is ok. That’s what makes it so efficient, and the results can be extremely reliable in the long term.


What heavy equipment transport modes can you access?

The major benefit you get from shipping heavy equipment nationwide is that you can actively choose from a large variety of options. Each transportation method has its own pros and cons, but all of them are very efficient and you will find them a pleasure to use and adapt them to your own requirements. What kind of transportation methods can you choose from? It depends on the shipping company, but in general there are quite a bit of options to keep in mind.


Flatbed trailers

Flatbed trailers are ideal for shipping heavy equipment, mainly because it’s very easy to load everything onto them and you don’t have to worry about the shipping times being extremely long. On top of that, you can load the heavy machinery from the rear, on its tip or on the sides. If the truck permits it, then you can shit heavy equipment which has multiple tons. That goes to show the incredible benefits brought by using flatbeds, since it’s a seamless and fast shipping method.

Of course, it’s also more affordable when compared to specialized shipping systems. It’s one of those things that’s easy to adapt and implement the way you want, and you will find that it delivers an incredible, exciting and enjoyable experience. To make things even better, flatbeds add all kinds of customization systems to ensure that the transported machinery is fully protected at all times. It’s a crucial system to take into consideration, and the benefits themselves are always very impressive and professional.


Step deck trailers

The advantage you get from step deck trailers is that you get to have support for diverse heavy equipment. Regardless of its size, you can easily start shipping heavy equipment nationwide without dealing with any kind of issues. On top of that, the shipping process is quick, convenient and it helps get the job done very nicely without any specific worries.

This particular trailer type has a height permit which allows shippers to transport larger cargo without dealing with all kinds of challenges. What that means is it’s easier to position larger pieces on the trailer, and loading everything is quicker when compared to other methods. The overall costs will vary based on the size of your equipment, but for the most part this is one of the shipping methods that’s not overly expensive. So if you are on a budget, this can very well be an option to take into consideration.


RGN trailers

RGN trailers are a great pick mainly because they have a unique design. They can be detached from the front part. The trailer can get lowered to the ground, and you can have multiple axles as needed. This type of trailer makes shipping even heavier equipment a lot easier when compared to other options. Due to this unique approach, prices can vary quite a bit and in some cases it might even get a bit expensive. But for the most part, it’s a great option and you will find that it delivers a very good return on investment.

Many choose these removable gooseneck trailers because they are proven to deliver a stellar result and they also boost safety. Of course, it might not fit any type of machinery, but for the most part you won’t have any type of issue. That, combined with the added safety is what makes it simpler to ship heavy equipment nationwide. Simple things like these will help more than you expect, while also allowing you to better optimize your shipping experience at all times.


Double drops

Double drop trailers are ideal if you can haul the cargo onto the trailer. It’s a great option if you want to start shipping heavy equipment nationwide. The supported freight includes cranes, forklifts, bulldozers, loaders and tractors, combines and many others. Double drop transportation is very efficient, and these trailers have a lower deck in the middle. What that means is that the center of gravity is lower, and you won’t have to deal with height restrictions and other similar problems as much. That can make a huge difference, especially if you are shipping larger equipment.


Step deck trailers

These trailers are great if you want to carry more than one heavy equipment piece, or if you want just one and some additional cargo. There are many situations when customers request this type of product, and it does provide the efficiency and help you want without any worries. That’s why it can be a very good idea to use such a shipping system, and you will find that it delivers a very good experience and excellent quality. The customizability and ease of use certainly make this shipping method stand out, and it’s certainly worth a try.


Do you need insurance when shipping heavy equipment nationwide?

It’s always a good idea to protect your freight as much as you can. And while every shipper will try to ensure there’s no damage done to your freight, the reality is that even heavy equipment can get damaged while shipping. That’s the reason why you want to ensure you have additional protection. Which is where heavy equipment insurance comes into play. It gives you a peace of mind knowing that in case anything does happen, you are fully protected against any problems. And yes, these issues can arise from time to time, which is why having insurance is a great idea.

Not only does heavy equipment insurance helps you cover any potential damage, but it’s also affordable. Of course, pricing will depend on the item in question, but you are much better off investing in the right insurance rather than worrying about any potential issues that can appear. It’s a very good idea to avoid any rush, and once you do that you will have a much better outcome. Rest assured that it’s well worth it to take your time and study all the possible insurance options, just to ensure you’re picking the best option.


Things to consider while shipping heavy equipment nationwide?

It’s a very good idea to study the various shipping options and pick the right shipping company that suits your needs and budget. On top- of that, you also want to map a linear transport route ahead of time. This way the shipping business will understand your expectations and it will be easier to narrow down the process as well as customize it the way you want.

Depending on what heavy equipment you are shipping, its weight and size, you might need to apply for a transportation permit. Some shippers will handle that on their own but charge you for it, yet there are times when you may have to do it yourself.

Making sure that the heavy equipment is properly immobilizes on the trailer is important, as it helps prevent any shipping damage that might arise, and that alone is certainly a thing you need to take into consideration as much as possible.



Shipping heavy equipment nationwide is a very common way to get items transported from one place to another, and it’s imperative to ensure that you’re using the best shipping system while also sticking to your budget. It’s a very good idea to avoid any rush and ensure that you are working with the best shipping company to suit your requirements.

Asking for a quote when you’re shipping heavy equipment nationwide is a very good way to pick the best shipping professionals. On top of that, you also want to read reviews and check the safety methods used to ensure your heavy equipment arrives safely to its destination. Taking that into consideration is a very good idea, since you can narrow down any possible problems, with results being very impressive in the long run!

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