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A Guide About Shipping Cars to And from Hawaii
April 19, 2022
Hawaii car shipping

A Guide About Shipping Cars to And from Hawaii

Many people are looking for better places to live and study in Hawaii. Many people move back to the mainland from Hawaii because of this reality. It is a challenge to move across the ocean. Auto Shipping to Hawaii requires preparation and a lot of information. It is important to consider all of your belongings when moving. However, taking care of your car is an even more difficult task. Your own vehicle will make it much easier to settle into a new place on the mainland or Hawaii islands.

Selling your vehicle and purchasing a new one is too costly and time-consuming. Most people choose to use a trusted Hawaii car transport company. It is easier than people imagine. However, there are specific rules and regulations that you need to be aware of before making a move from or to Hawaii. This article will cover everything you need to know to ship a car from Hawaii. We’ll also cover the basics and offer tips for shipping your car from Hawaii. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is.

How To Prepare Your Vehicle

After you have booked your Auto Shipping to Kahului services, it is time to prepare your vehicle for shipping:

  • Clean your car from the inside to the outside. It will be ready for you to drive as soon as it arrives. This enables you to examine your vehicle’s condition.
  • Photograph any damage. These photos can be used to compare your vehicle upon delivery.
  • Do some basic maintenance. Make sure the tires are properly inflated and that the battery is fully charged. Also, make sure the fluids are full.
  • Securing and removing removable pieces This includes aftermarket stereos, video, and DVD players, GPS, and vehicle chargers.
  • Deactivate parking passes, toll tags, and alarms. They won’t use the tags or passes during their journey and won’t be able to appreciate the alarm going off suddenly.
  • Reduce the gas tank to 25%. It’s unsafe to transport a car that has more than one tank of gas.

After completing all of these preparations, your car is ready to go.

Shipping A Car From/To Hawaii Rules/Documentation

Shipping a car from Hawaii to Hawaii is quite simple if you follow the rules:

At The Time of Shipping from Hawaii

You should thoroughly clean your car before shipping it from Hawaii to the mainland. If you pick a roll-on, roll-off Hawaii automobile shipping service, you can be certain that your vehicle will arrive in excellent condition. Before you ship your vehicle, it is good to do routine maintenance checks. Checks might include checking fluid levels, tire pressure, battery charge, fluid level, and if there are any fluid leaks. Your vehicle may not be allowed to board the ship for Auto Shipping Honolulu if it has a fluid leak. Certain documentation and clearances are required to ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland. These include:

  • Valid license and current registration required for vehicle
  • Documentation proving ownership, title, or sale bill;
  • You must obtain authorization from the lien holder to ship your vehicle if you have leased it.
  • Information about the person responsible for picking up your vehicle
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of safety inspection

You must first get your car to Hawaii before you can ship it. This is important because the standard Hawaii auto transport service only allows you to ship your car door-to-door. Do not worry if your vehicle isn’t able to drive to the port. A representative can be appointed to represent you. If this is the case, there are some requirements. The representative must be at least 18 years old. You must also sign a power-of-attorney confirming that the car can be shipped.

After Reaching Mainland

Your car will reach a port on the mainland after crossing the ocean. If you are located nearby, you can pick up your car yourself. You will need to present specific documentation to the port authorities before releasing your car to you. These documents include:

  • A copy of the title and current registration. The name on the registration must match the shipping order.
  • If you have leased your vehicle, a copy of the permission from the lien holder.
  • Both owners must be present if you have a car together. If that is not possible, the absent owner must sign a notarized consent.
  • Photo ID with valid proof of ownership.

You can save all the paperwork and have your vehicle delivered to your house by hiring an auto transport company.

Why Is It Important to Follow the Rules While Shipping?

You must follow all rules when shipping a car from Hawaii or Auto Shipping Hilo. Failure to do so could result in your vehicle being seized by US Customs or held at the port. To avoid any issues when shipping your car to Hawaii, it is important to know what is allowed and what isn’t. You should research any border or customs rules that might affect your shipment if you plan to ship your car from Hawaii. Certain goods are not eligible for duty-free shipping. Upon arrival in Hawaii, you may be charged customs and taxes on the car if its value exceeds this threshold.

It is also important to know about any ownership proof requirements. You may be required to show proof of ownership by US Customs before the car is released to you. If you need further information regarding laws and regulations that may apply to your cargo, contact your shipping firm or the Hawaii Department of Transportation. Car shipping to Hawaii may include hidden taxes, road laws, and border requirements, all of which should be considered.

Common Ways to Ship/Transport A Car to Or from Hawaii

Hawaii is an US state and an island chain in the Pacific Ocean. It’s not a surprise that Hawaii residents have to move their vehicles to travel for vacation or business trips. But, transporting a car to Hawaii towards Hawaii to the Mainland United States involves crossing the Pacific Ocean and requires careful planning. When you’re shipping your car from New York to Honolulu or reverse direction, there are two basic alternatives for shipping your car: RO-RO, boating, or container shipping. Each of these methods of transport is a different one with advantages and drawbacks. If you’re wondering what to do about transporting my vehicle to Hawaii, Here’s a short overview of the various choices.

Shipping Roll-On/Roll-Off

The most commonly used shipping your car across to Hawaii is by Roll-On/Roll shipping. This is when your vehicle is driven onto a transportation vessel and then removed upon arrival at the port where you want to go. The vehicle must be in good working order so that the shipping firm can drive it on and off the vessel. The shipping company performs its loading and unloading only in conditions of calm. If dockside conditions are permitted, cranes can transfer the container from sideways to a vessel or for land transfer and speedier access for chauffeurs. This allows for faster turnover.

Auto-shippers offer containers for cars placed on ships that are at an initial port (usually a dock or container terminal at a significant port) for shipping overseas. Some ships are not equipped with this type of loading system. Therefore, it is essential to determine whether one is available prior to scheduling the shipment to transport cars from Hawaii (and reverse). Be aware that you must have your vehicle transported from Hawaii to the West Coast first to avail of this Auto Shipping to Nawiliwili shipping service. Your vehicle can arrive between five to ten days after being delivered, but this can differ based on the port you’re shipping to and which company you pick.

Container Shipping

Container Shipping is the safest, most cost-effective, and most efficient method to move a vehicle or some vehicles to Hawaii. You can also transport personal belongings inside the container. Container shipping is specifically designed for those who wish to relocate their household and vehicle in one container instead of needing to ship them in separate containers.

This shipping option allows you to transport your vehicle using an open 20 ft or 40 ft container alongside other vehicles simultaneously transported by other vehicles owners. The typical size of the 20-foot container is 8 feet wide and 8 feet 6 inches high, and a 40-foot container is eight feet in width and nine feet six inches tall. If you’re looking for specific requirements concerning size, it could be because of your vehicle’s dimensions and specifications. It would help if you spoke to the representative of the transport company you use.

The advantage of this option is the car is not exposed to elements outside while being shipped. The downside of shipping in containers is that the cost of transporting the vehicle to Hawaii is higher than other options that include roll-on/roll-off shipping. Costs for shipping are determined by the amount of space your vehicle occupies inside a container. It is called cubic feet (CFT).

Utilizing Air Transport

The best method to transport a vehicle for transport to and from Hawaii is with a roll-on-roll-off ship; another alternative to transporting a car within Hawaii is flying it. Transporting a car to or from Hawaii via air is simple as well as safe and costly. If you own an expensive car or premium vehicle, transporting it via air may be cheaper than having an international transporter deliver it via containers for cargo on a boat. Your car will arrive more quickly than ocean shipping in addition. Airlines employ regular cargo containers for moving vehicles into the cargo holds of their aircraft. When flying, the greatest risk is damages caused by the handling of equipment in airports and at terminals for freight.

What Does it Cost to Transport a Vehicle to or From Hawaii?

The question is, how much to transport a vehicle for transport to Hawaii? The final price of shipping a vehicle either to or out of Hawaii will be based on various aspects. The factors that determine the cost include distance, the type of service, pricing for the carrier, and weight. Certain factors are beyond your control. However, others can be altered prior to making a booking for a shipment. Here’s how:

The Type of Carrier

Two kinds of carriers can be used to transport your vehicle to Hawaii. There are two types of carriers – RORO (Roll in Roll Off) as well as container shipping. The first is the least expensive option; however, it has several limitations. The other is more costly but offers space for luggage as well as the car.

Dimensions And Weight

Your weight car will also affect the price. If your vehicle is larger, it will cost more to transport than if it’s smaller. This is since it requires more energy and fuel for the company transporting your car across oceans. You could be charged more for certain transport companies if your vehicle weighs more. For instance, certain car transport companies charge for every 100 pounds of excess weight.

Time Of the Year

The time of year you ship your vehicle could also affect the price. When the season is at its peak, it is possible to pay more for shipping as opposed to times when there is no demand for shipping services during the year. For example, let’s say you ship during holidays in winter or summer. If that is the scenario, the cost to move the vehicle to Hawaii is likely higher because there are many vacationers during these periods and searches for companies for Auto Shipping to Molokai.

Type Of Transportation

The kind of transport you choose will affect the cost of transporting your vehicle. Open-air carriers are more affordable than enclosed ones because they are able to carry more cars simultaneously, which reduces the cost per vehicle.

Origin to Destination Distance

In particular, more specifically, the distance of the ocean between the two locations of origin and destination is the most important factor in this case. If you’re shipping your car from Los Angeles to Hawaii, you’ll pay less as in the case of moving out of New York.

Special Services

Services that you specifically require, like door-to-door delivery, can increase the cost of the terminal-to-terminal service when moving a vehicle to Hawaii (and reverse).


Whichever method of transporting your vehicle to Hawaii you pick; the general preparation is almost the same. It’s not an easy task to ship a car to Hawaii. However, it may be easier than buying one when you get there. It depends on where you are going to be living. You might want to consider whether you will need a car. If you don’t have one, you can rent one.

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